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Metcalf: Innovating Leadership Capacity

Dedicated to helping leaders, their management teams, and their organizations implement the innovative leadership and business practices needed to create market differentiation, Metcalf & Associates, Inc. is an executive advisory, executive development and management consulting firm.
Metcalf’s approach is based on prominent research in the field, made practical for busy leaders. They offer executive advisory and leadership development services, team effectiveness coaching, and organizational transformation consulting.
Maureen Metcalf, CEO of Metcalf & Associates, is a renowned executive advisor, author, speaker, consultant and coach who brings 30 years of business experience to provide high-impact, practical solutions that support her clients’ leadership development and organizational transformations. Recognized as an innovative, principled thought leader, Maureen combines intellectual rigor and discipline with an ability to translate theory into practice in all of her work. Her operational skills are coupled with a strategic ability to analyze, develop and implement successful strategies for profitability, growth and sustainability.
In addition to working as an executive advisor, Maureen designs and teaches MBA classes in Leadership and Organizational Transformation. She is also the host of an international radio show focused on Innovative Leadership for VoiceAmerica, and the author of an award-winning book series on Innovative Leadership, including the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations, winner of the 2014 International Book Award for Best Business Reference Book.
Maureen is a valued board member of several organizations, and served on the board of trustees for Urbana University. Before founding Metcalf & Associates, she worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture across a broad range of industries, building strong business acumen and consulting skills. She has worked with a number of Fortune 100 clients, delivering a wide range of significant business results, including increased profitability, cycle time reduction, increased employee engagement and effectiveness, and improved quality.
Metcalf, Offering a Holistic Approach to Creating Leadership 
Metcalf helps leaders at all levels evolve their capacity to innovate, inspire and achieve thriving organizations. They follow certain tenets:
Evolve Leadership – Metcalf offers comprehensive programs that enable executives and their teams to advance their leadership capability over time, from emerging leaders, through the leader and executive leader ranks. Their approach is based on prominent research in the field, made practical for busy leaders. Programs include executive advisory services, assessments, workshops, on-line development programs, and leadership and management coaching.
Build Vibrant Teams – With the ever-increasing complexity of organizations, leaders must rely on others inside and outside the company to deliver results. Team vibrancy is critical to organizational success. Metcalf & Associates assesses and advises teams to achieve or improve this essential element using an approach that is based on research by noted adjunct Harvard University researcher, Jim Ritchie-Dunham.
Create Thriving Organizations – Metcalf advises leaders and their organizations as they implement complex, enterprise-wide change. They offer a structured approach to organizational transformation involving executive advisory services, consulting, assessments, innovative approaches, and structured processes.
While reflecting on Metcalf’s future, Maureen says, “In this time of such dramatic change, we have a greater opportunity to make a global impact than any other time in history.”