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MES: Delivering Disruptive Innovation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, MES, Inc. is a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services. The company works in the verticals of lighting, agriculture, automotive and specializes in the manufacturing and supply of metal components including casting, forging of machine parts and assembly of rubber and plastic parts.
MES helps develop customized engineering solutions by utilizing global manufacturing resources and applying complete supply chain solutions. The company achieves this by following five distinct steps including finding and auditing suppliers, developing their quality systems, consolidating shipments at various ports, performing domestic value added operations and warehousing near customers and shipping.
A Leader Exemplifying Compassion 
Hiten Shah, the CEO and President of MES, believes in building business and people with values. These values include, creating win-win solutions for customers creating an exciting and challenging work environment for associates, and developing suppliers and partners globally. Hiten holds an MBA in International Business from Franklin University, Ohio. He founded MES in 2007 and has been since been the driving force of the company’s progress.
Hiten possesses a global business experience and sternly believes in being persistent and committed, which in turn, has built MES’s worldwide outreach. He is currently an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur and an investor. “If you have a winning business idea and passion to work, I can help develop the business plan as well as provide financial investment,” Hiten expresses. Hiten advocates the fact that failing aids the development of one’s core competence. “To grow, you must learn to fail,” is what Hiten believes.
Hiten has been adorned with numerous accolades and honors in his entire career. A few of these are being featured in the 2018 issue of Columbus CEO Magazine; being elected as a panelist of the 2017 AACG Economic Summit; and being elected as a panelist of the 2017 Diversity in Business Awards. Hiten was also selected as the honoree of C-Suite awards and Smart 50 awards in 2017, he was the finalist of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016.
According to Hiten, the benefit of this reputation underlines the sharing of his perspective within the organization as well as with outsiders, which would instill a sense of inspiration among his followers. Hiten also comprehends that this commendable experience and reputation also enhances MES’s credibility while potential customers wish to know about the organization.
Delivering Reformative Services 
Great Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a strategic science that goes into improving the way your company sources component parts from manufacturers. MES has developed proven strategies for each phase of the Supply Chain Management process. MES benchmarks every aspect of our Supply Chain Management services against best-inclass metrics. We focus on quality, efficiency, and costsavings in every step.
The company’s outstanding sourcing-to-delivery solution allows it to pass on savings to its customers. The company achieves this, not just in component costs and shipping rates, but also by lowering lead times in tooling and the manufacturing process. MES provides contract manufacturing in India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia & Vietnam. Its supplier management process utilizes sourcing agents and quality engineers. The company sources manufacturing suppliers based on quality, delivery time and price. All of its suppliers must be ISO-certified and pass a stringent audit for manufacturing. MES’s criteria for suppliers include ISO certification, advanced manufacturing facilities, proven ability for the competence promised, engineering resources, QA, and on-time production.
MES utilizes project management tools & APQP to track every step of the tooling & manufacturing process. It monitors and controls the tooling development and PPAP submission process with its suppliers. The company reviews critical specs with customers, relays information to suppliers at tooling kickoff, performs supplier inspections to insure accurate method and measurements. It performs third Party checks of raw materials at independent labs also monitors & communicating delivery timelines and also provides customerapproved tooling design.
MES carefully manages the global logistics process to save time and money on international shipping. It selects the provider, consolidating orders in containers wherever possible. It manages import/export procedures. The company monitors port conditions and re-routes shipments, if necessary and also expertly navigates customs requirements, paperwork, and fees.
“Many customers have custom requirements which require domestic manufacturing operations to facilitate special orders. MES offers a range of operations domestically to streamline your component requirements,” states Hiten. Parts communization, special E-Coating, painting or powder coating, addition of part features such as holes, markings, assembly to reduce customer costs etc. are a few requirements which MES caters to.
MES has enhanced its order processing, billing, inventory management, ERP, and EDI systems, which allows it to mirror a customer’s warehousing solutions. The company manages inventory processes and provides JIT shipping of parts and components. MES’s warehousing facilities are located in US-Los Angeles & Ohio; MXMonterrey, Juarez & Tijuana; Europe- Poland.
Strategizing Global Competency 
MES’s organizational strategy is to be more efficient and competitive by focusing on key business methods viz, on-time delivery, quality testing methods, inventory management methods, etc. The most significant aspect that creates a distinctive position for MES in the global market is the automation of the company’s processes.
Customer support and documentation, extensive quality management throughout a project, and other vital processes are automated at MES using a heavy dose of contemporary technology. MES has developed a unique phone application for its in house as well as customer-side engineers to report quality analysis and issues as well as for its warehouses to report shipping issues. The company comprehends the volatile trends in the Supply Chain Management industry and thus advocates the attitude of ceaselessly embracing change and constructive competition. Hiten personally believes that while continuing to grow as an organization, taking chances and making mistakes is what makes up for improved decision making, team development and managerial skills. Committing to work and enjoying it plays as a catalyst for MES’s growth into new geographies, industries and new commodities.
MES’s future endeavors include addition of new local manufacturing capabilities, realizing business opportunities in the UK, and expansion of local warehousing facilities across the globe.
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