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Markus Schmuck | Founder | MereSecure

MereSecure, Inc: An Emblem of Trust and Integrity

Prior to the pandemic, the need for secure information transmissions and avoidance of data leakage, ransomware attacks, and phishing, all lead to the creation of better tools to replace insecure methods of email and fax.
Pertaining to the same necessity, MereSecure® was established on three principles: trust, honesty, and integrity. The team has built tools to solve challenges in the document exchange cloud space. The company’s flagship cloud-based product, XMS, is a secure document exchange platform which is at the core of anyone needing to handle content in the cloud safely. It allows companies to safely collect and deliver files outside of the organization.

“We offer an improved, easy to use and secure cloud-based application solution for everyone at a reasonable price”

Exhibiting Excellence
For the Founder, Markus Schmucki, the idea was to create a platform that could apply to anyone and not specific to an industry; to offer solutions that offered an easier implementation, training and was simple to use. He wanted to build applications that avoided how things were done currently and instead provided something unique on top of the general concept of familiar applications.
Every participant company or person has some level of ®risk to evaluate. MereSecure has a tool that can help keep track of information via documents to and from clients, customers, consultants, pre-sales contacts, vendors and suppliers.
XMS helps users to manage any outside company more efficiently by centralizing documents, uses safe practice system notifications, metrics with dashboards, workflows, and advanced search options. In addition, XMS can be used to transfer documents, spread sheets, and third-party forms to any external participant via a secure invitation.
The easy to use platform offers a contact record manager, assignment tracking, unlimited custom fields on all files and history of all critical user actions. It leverages secure methods to send and receive files. There are no comparisons with other tools offered given most are based on classic file folder share techniques. XMS provides a portal platform for anyone to manage their documents and all from a simple secure web browser.
Specific and Comprehensive Solutions
MereSecure’s® XMS platform, technical professional services, and IT consulting explains what and how the solution will work in a simple to understand comprehensive message. The company thrives on simplicity. Its solutions require less training, users need limited support, and individuals are not intimidated by adding yet another service or product to their to-know list.
XMS was built with a mind-set of doing something better for something that has not been designed yet. Following are a few specific distinctions: It is not another file sharing platform like DropBox or Google Drive. The portal offers tailoring with a multi-user permission based desktop login and built in search and workflow.
It offers custom Meta fields on any type of files that are uploaded to the system and permissions control whether those fields are shown to outside participants or not.
A simple invite list of participants allows for 1 to 1,000+ recipients with an easy to use search on name, company, and email domain.
It offers options for a bundle of files to be uploaded as a template so users no longer have to respond to the same form or document more than one time.
The ability to categorize documents and filter view via permissions to those categories. Financial documents vs. Sales documents can be separated such that invited participants can be elevated with access without any additional settings on the assignments.
A tool that can provide a blindcarbon-copy approach to sending documents to a list of clients who are competitors or a list of consultants who remain private. An attorney, tax preparer, security consultant, banker etc. all able to be isolated from collaboration.
A Visionary
Markus Schmucki, the Founder, CEO & President has an extensive experience working in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Prior to MereSecure, Markus served the last fifteen years as the co-founder of a successful FinTech company, working with customers that were Fortune 100 financial companies.
His varied roles included VP Engineering, VP Product Development, VP Operations and Professional Services along with acting as the Chief Information Security Officer. He also possesses experience in software engineering design, database design and in a variety of information technology and training roles.
At MereSecure®, Markus applies this experience in making decisions on product design, technology, and infrastructure. He has an overall strategy for the company to build out pragmatic (mere) simple-to-use solutions while building on its professional services offerings. ®MereSecure ’s XMS product makes it easier and more efficient for questionnaires as forms to be presented and documents to be collected from third parties.
Promising Trust, Leading with Integrity
Aside from the obvious work-life balance ®mantra, MereSecure ’s motto on the logo wall sign at the office states—from the author C.S. Lewis— “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”
®MereSecure is focused on expanding the reach with Information Technology computer related services and, by continuing to educate for the need of encryption based solutions.
The company also wants to expand its XMS document exchange platform to different industries ranging from Accounting, Insurance and Mortgage Brokers, Contractors, Banking, Legal and Construction Services and a few others. The company believes that the XMS platform is evidently applicable to a range of types of companies and even consumers.
With regards to MereSecure ’s cloudbased document exchange platform, it helps organizations and individuals not rely on insecure email attachments or be limited to think in shapes of folder structures. “We have a simple and affordable solution,” concludes the team  at MereSecure®.