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MereSecure®: Helping Organizations Exchange Information Securely

MereSecure® provides secure products and services to companies involved in third-party vendor management and risk management due diligence. Its XMS software tool is designed to keep track of information between clients, customers, consultants, pre-sales contacts, vendors and suppliers.
XMS helps users manage communications with any external entity efficiently through centralized data, system notifications, statistics dashboards, workflows and advanced search options. In addition, XMS can be used to transfer documents, spreadsheets, and forms to any external participant via invitation.
The Veteran Leader
Markus Schmucki is the Founder, CEO & President at MereSecure® Inc.
Prior to MereSecure®, Markus spent fifteen years as the co-founder of a company working with Fortune 100 financial companies. He has also served as VP Engineering, VP Product Development, VP Operations and Professional Services, as well as in the capacity of Chief Information Security Officer.
Markus has experience in software engineering design, database design and in various information technology roles. At MereSecure®, Markus applies this background and experience directly when making decisions on product design, technology and infrastructure.
His overall strategy for the company is to build pragmatic solutions that minimize cost and reduce overall risk.
Dependence on third-parties requires discipline in knowing what exposure a company has and what tools could be implemented to manage that known risk. MereSecure®’s XMS product can immediately help by making it easier and more efficient for questionnaires or forms to be presented and documents to be collected from third parties.
Additionally, Markus volunteers at non-profits, helping them with technology decisions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on “Aviation Design” from San Jose State University. He has resided in the Bay area of California for more than 28 years.
Agile Product Development
MereSecure® operates with an Agile Product Development methodology. This means identifying features to add or enhance and then delivering them in incremental updates.
The organization emphasizes on listening to feedback to drive improvements and then implement them on a universal scale. In this way, MereSecure® is always innovating and improving for the benefit of its customers.
MereSecure® is focused on marketing XMS and expanding into different industries. The organization believes the XMS portal platform is versatile enough to be widely beneficial to a range of sectors.
It is committed to creating an Information Security scenario where individuals do not have to rely on email attachment filesize limit, old technology FTP/SFTP solutions or limitations with any file repositories.
Establishing Excellence
XMS was built from the ground-up, using mockup screens in Balsamiq, leveraging third party prototyping tools like Invision (App) and working with a user experience (UX) developers/artists to set guidelines and templates.
Things like layout, button sizes and fonts were designed with an emphasis on consistency. Before MereSecure®’s software launch, the company collected feedback and implemented additional improvements. In some cases, entire features like file custom fields were delivered over a series of 2-week sprints.
To make sure that the corporate website matched up with the XMS by MereSecure® product released, MereSecure® completely redesigned the site and created specific product features and tailored industry nomenclature for its application.
Groundbreaking Products
The eXchange Management System helps organizations share documents and forms between any number of external participants. Spreadsheets, questionnaire feedback forms and certification documents can easily be collected from, or distributed to, an outside audience.
XMS distinguishes itself from other file sharing platforms in several ways.
It ensures that anyone externally invited cannot see another invitee’s uploaded documents, nor see who else has been invited.
This combination makes vendor management of outside documentation much simpler. It is like a modern bcc (blind carbon copy) feature but without using email to transport attachments back and forth.
XMS can also track third-party forms implemented under one exhibit. An exhibit is a user-created container of files and forms. If the user is monitoring a vendor, then they could use XMS to collect all the third and fourth party due diligence information for everyone invited to that exhibit. One can also post files and ask for others. Users can even restrict access and see when a document was downloaded, uploaded and by whom.
If a client is a SaaS company, third party or fourth party organization, or an individual, then they could use XMS to respond to requests from clients and customers to provide documentation to satisfy vendor compliance.
Also, if the client is a broker, attorney, tax agent, accountant or any professional, then they could use XMS to send forms to their clients to fill out and ask them to respond with the needed documentation.
XMS by MereSecure® can help organizations combine collection of information, workflow, file storage with a secure access portal. For more information go to:

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