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MercuryGate TMS Supports Supply Chain Optimization for Companies of all Sizes

MercuryGate International, Inc. offers one of the most comprehensive and highly configurable Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions in the market today. This cloud-based system has the granularity, customization, and scale to support enterprise-class customers as well as smaller companies just getting started.
The company continues to be operated by the two visionary leaders who founded the business in 2000. Monica Wooden, CEO and Co-founder; and Steve Blough, President and Co-founder, began their careers in supply chain management and built the company and its products from the ground up with an understanding of the real-world challenges of transportation management.
From planning and optimization, to execution, settlement, procurement and fleet management, MercuryGate’s TMS solution supports all stages of the transportation management lifecycle. The company takes pride in handling some of the most challenging supply chain problems. MercuryGate handles multi-leg/pick up/mode/provider/customer shipments while providing control tower visibility to customers as well as cost allocation models designed for this level of complexity.
MercuryGate has consistently delivered innovative solutions with first-to-market ease of use, embedded analytics, business intelligence, optimization models, and the ability to serve multiple business models, including third-party logistics (3PL) providers, shippers, brokers, freight forwarders, and carriers. The MercuryGate solution is also unique in supporting all modes of transportation on a single platform and codebase, including parcel, less-than-truckload, truckload, air, ocean, rail, and intermodal.
MercuryGate is driving the future of delivery and continues to improve its products in multiple ways from small feature-level improvements to major new product introductions.
ezVision – One of the biggest changes the company made in 2017 was revamping and revolutionizing the user interface across all solutions. The enhanced graphical user interface (GUI), called ezVision, was designed by watching how customers use the MercuryGate TMS in multiple roles and contexts. By engaging top leaders in design, the new GUI has made great inroads into efficiency in function.
Major new products this year include:
MercuryMaestro – A business intelligence system that has an innovative, advanced platform designed specifically to enhance the value and visual presentation of data captured within MercuryGate’s TMS solutions. MercuryMaestro is embedded within the TMS, and enables logistics professionals to perform advanced analytics of their transportation business and get answers to the most complex of questions in a single easy-to-use platform. The new platform also makes it easy to identify data relationships and trends, and discover exceptions enabling users to easily perform functions that previously required extensive data extractions and time-consuming work on spreadsheets.
MercuryGTM – To better support the global trade management requirements of its multi-national clients, MercuryGate now has an agreement with Integration Point. MercuryGate’s customers can now expedite the process of screening for denied parties and embargoed or sanctioned companies. Customers have the capability of continuous screening and access to comprehensive denied party sources, enabling more efficient execution of this important aspect of managing global shipments. Additional capabilities are in the pipeline and will be announced as available.
MercuryMart – MercuryGate also announced a dynamic information exchange providing TMS users with access to a broad range of sources of available capacity. This meta-marketplace seamlessly connects companies requiring capacity with open-market capacity providers, enabling new levels of visibility and analytics. With MercuryMart, suppliers can self-integrate into the exchange using a new set of secure application programming interfaces (APIs).
In most systems, third-party providers can only leverage providers established within their TMS instance. MercuryMart enables a global search capability across MercuryMart’s many integrated providers. Users also benefit from a new quote search tool that can be customized based on defined pools of acceptable providers, constraints, and carrier and contract preferences
MercuryFleet – The new fleet management solution allows users to manage drivers, equipment, and freight planning from a single platform, driving administrative efficiency and reducing the cost of redundant systems and work. MercuryFleet drives administrative efficiency by replacing disparate systems with one platform.
MercuryFleet also assists companies in maintaining compliance with all regulatory requirements. The solution uses the algorithms and logic used in the Driver Safety Management System, the system used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to calculate measures and percentiles for each driver, allowing managers to proactively analyze driver performance and predict CSA scores.
Mode of Delivery
For all of its innovative solutions, MercuryGate offers a wide range of choices as preferred deployment options. The company was one of the first to offer the ability to be deployed in a true cloud shared, cloud dedicated, on-premises environment. MercuryGate’s SaaS model allows the company to deliver maintenance, updates and changes to production faster than ever before, and the cloud platform easily scales during periods of high usage.
“There is a true passion at MercuryGate around innovation and making our customers successful,” said Ms. Wooden. “Many of our customers started as mom-and-pop shops, and we have grown with them into being some of the largest logistics providers and shippers today.” MercuryGate is committed to helping all customers achieve positive results, addressing today’s challenges while also working to provide solutions that can handle tomorrow’s unknowns.