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Meir Givon: A Creative and Intuitive Business Expert

One has to create his own innovative pathways in order to shine and imprint the success on the globe. Bringing-in something simultaneously intelligent and endearing by surpassing the portrayal of challenges is what makes a leader extraordinary.
One such admired persona empowering teams and professionals to storm forward with his leadership and futuristic vision is Meir Givon. Since childhood, he has been passionate about creating value and innovation. “Challenges motivated me from the start, through my youth and as a grown up person by growing my own family and professional teams, up to becoming a mature leader” says Meir.
The Entrepreneurial Voyage
Meir has completed his graduation and masters in Information Systems at the Technon -Technology Institute of Israel. He has also acquired an additional master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI). His passion for delivering solutions to complex problems helped him to fuel distinctive portfolios at various renowned organizations. Meir has left a clear trail of innovation, leading the R & D in the field of IT, Organizational and Engineering software solutions for more than thirty years, twelve years in the Israeli Navy ITC organization. With his constant efforts and dedication for seven years, he also became a partner and leading senior VP at Endan- an IT Solutions software house.
Throughout this journey, Meir was successful in educating hundreds of fine experts, made some exit opportunities while creating great value and helped these organizations to attain profitable outcomes. Meir idolizes his brother Dan and one of his commanders as the prime role models for overcoming the hurdles of his entrepreneurial journey. He believes in taking inspiration from every person around him and cherishes every moment in his own professional way. Identifying and innovating cutting-edge required solutions to globally spread challenges and requirements encouraged Meir to become the Founder CEO at GIV Solutions in 2001.
He was invited by the Tel Aviv University for two years as an external lecturer in the topic of ERP systems and acted for several years as a Member of the judges of Israel IT AWARDS national competition. He also got the honor of being a lecturer at international forums in EAM, SMART CITY, China, Europe, the US, and Israel. Apart from this, Meir was also a member of the Steering Committees, Host and Facilitator of professional conferences.
About GIV
“It is not by chance that the hidden meaning of the company’s name is – to GIVe. We strive to innovate all the time. We are an Innovative organization creating Solutions.” says Meir.
With Israel as its HQ and a center of R&D, GIV provides excellent organizational leadership, consulting and technological solutions to enterprises keeping par at the latest IT technology.  It has offices in North America, China, and South America, as well as strategic partnerships abroad. Quoting “win-win win between the Company entity, the Team, and the Customer” Meir asserts, “For long term sustainable company, all the three sides must exist order to have everlasting and prospering Business High-Tech organization.”
The company consistently strives hard to create and deliver a unique experience to the customer through its value-added services. Under the leadership of Meir, GIV offers organizations a platform to progress, achieve milestones and also manage the in-house changes. It specializes in managing Organizational business processes, project management, strategic consulting methodologies, change management in organizations while introducing disruptive technologies and business processes change, Implementing and assimilating IT-based management solutions on a variety of topics.
Additionally, the company also offers smart city management systems (GIV-CITY™), Smart solution for education, training organizations (GIV-CAMPUS™), roads (GIV-RMS™) bridges and structures (GIV-BMS™) – a system that meets the rigorous standards in Israel and worldwide, Railway and metro infrastructure lifecycle management (GIV-RAIL™) .
Also, GIV is a prestigiously awarded gold partner of Infor, chosen as partner of the year for three years of the last six.
With seventeen years of sheer determination, Meir has been instrumental in encouraging his team of professionals and assisting GIV to reach a multi-annual average of two digits growth per annum. His experience, patience and vision to go an extra mile for the customers have made him and the company exceptional.
Meir’s extraordinary skills have helped the company to establish prospering lines of consulting and solutions. He helped GIV to achieve several milestones including:

  • Strategic Consulting and Project Management – Computer Management and EAM.
  • Launch of PLM Pharma
  • The Infor Representation Agreement in Israel on the INFOR EAM system and implementation was signed
  • Development of “Intelligent Road & Bridge” R & D programs
  • Signing an agreement with the largest water corporation in the country, with a 19 years horizon.

A Colleague’s Voice
Addressing Meir his colleague asserts, “GIV is led by a man who redefines the concept of innovation every day. He has the ability to see people in depth and breadth, to find inspiration in them and to apply it in all of his actions. His life is divided into innumerable fractions and parts, each of them fills a different need for him, and they all combine in order to create, initiate, innovate, invent and dream.”
Enlightening the Young Entrepreneurs
Meir believes that right processes along with smart decision-making will surely take the youngsters to newer success heights. He suggests the aspiring and young minds to create a highground which will help them to withstand the market complexities. “Do not be afraid to aim high in your vision and dreams – it is the main thing about being an Entrepreneur, but make sure that the implementation of the dream should be done always with one foot on the ground giving the chance to the other reach far on your right track”he added.
Futuristic Vision
With a vision to engrave a global footprint in the near future, Meir asserts, “We will keep giving the best solutions and services, leading the company to new goals while sustaining innovation, recruiting new, talented, passionate, and motivated employees to join GIV family, creating new generations of high level experts, consultants, and service providers.”
Source: The 10 Most Admired CEOs To Watch 2018