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MegaPath: Single Source for Cloud Communications and Managed Networks

There comes a point when every organization must make a decision about its network management. It becomes important for a business to consider managed network solutions when the business connects multiple offices, stores, or sites; or is growing their business beyond the capacity of existing access lines. Companies also feel the need for network management if they strive to provide secure connectivity to mobile and remote employees, if they could produce cost savings by integrating voice and data traffic or they are preparing for more traffic from video and other high bandwidth applications. Becoming more difficult to manage and ensure performance and security, especially given limited staff and budget resources, also generates the need for a managed network solution.
Whenever a situation mentioned above or similar condition provokes businesses, they try to search for a leading provider of secure access and managed network solutions, like MegaPath. MegaPath combines the best broadband connectivity, voice, VPN, cloud, and security technologies with unmatched network design, deployment, monitoring, management, reporting, and support capabilities.
MegaPath’s managed network services reduce the cost and complexity of securely connecting remote sites and users to their network while providing a single point of contact for network operations and management.
High Spectrum Services Offered
MegaPath has a long history of adopting best-of-breed solutions to secure their customers’ data and networks, including MPLS, IPsec and SSL for businesses of all sizes and across various verticals.
Currently, MegaPath is focusing its network and security on SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), which has gained mass popularity because it’s easy to deploy and manage, and it’s much less expensive to deploy than traditional WANs. MegaPath’s SD-WAN feature set includes: IPsec – full-mesh or hub-spoke topologies and routing policies, updated in a central fashion. Dual-WAN Uplinks – aggregates all WAN connections to distribute traffic over multiple pathways with built-in load balancing and auto-failover. Real-time Voice Failover – prioritizes VoIP traffic and routes calls over the cleanest ISP connection to eliminate dropped calls, choppy sound quality and echoes. Bi-directional QoS – optimizes bandwidth in both directions for optimal application performance. Application Performance Monitoring – Assesses the performance of critical applications with the ability to alert IT staff. Centralized Monitoring and Management – Simplifies the deployment and management of branch-office WANs. Managed Firewall – leverages CPE appliances and central management, to act as the first line of defense against intrusions and other network threats. Unified Threat Management – provides comprehensive, multi-layered security that safeguards a business’s network and information assets against viruses, malware, and emerging cyber threats.
Along with the above services, MegaPath provides Managed WiFi, which includes the design, configuration, installation, monitoring, and management of a business’s secure wireless network. The solution provides full separation of guest and corporate access, thereby securing corporate data from unauthorized public users. The solution also supports Active Directory integration allowing identity-based firewall security, providing more flexibility to enforce policies based on user and group identities and the point of access.
MegaPath provides managed solutions for Small & Medium Businesses and Enterprise Businesses. The company provides solutions for various industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Restaurant and Retail.
Driving Force behind MegaPath
Craig Young, Chairman and CEO of MegaPath has over 30 years of experience in the telecom and data communications industry. Since joining MegaPath in July 2004, his primary focus has been to create a world class managed IP services company that provides businesses the ability to easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, employees and business partners. Craig has driven the company’s growth by relentlessly focusing on improvements to the customer experience, ranging from the products and services offered to the solution design, installation and support processes that best benefit the customers MegaPath serves.
Evolving with the Evolving Technology
Since its inception in 1996, MegaPath has had a clear mission to provide the best technology solutions to businesses nationwide. They became a VoIP trailblazer before Internet telephony became a widely used and understood concept in the business world. They have evolved over the years due to growing and changing needs in the marketplace. Today, MegaPath is an all-in-one managed network and security services, UCaaS, Internet and cloud IT services provider. They are hyper-focused on delivering next-generation networking and cloud services. In addition to their broad portfolio of managed network and security solutions, they continue to offer one of the most expansive portfolios of nationwide business-class connectivity—including cable, copper, fiber and wireless—as well as cloud-based offerings including UCaaS and Cloud IT services.
Unlike most of other communication service providers, MegaPath provides a unique combination of core services nationwide: Network / Internet access type diversity (e.g. wireless, broadband, T1, fiber), allowing their customers to serve all their locations based on their business needs and budget at each location; Fully-integrated security and threat management services, leveraging best-of-class technology vendors; and Wide-scale SD-WAN capabilities, to leverage diverse access types while still maintaining application performance and data security.
Winning the Clients
Businesses are approaching MegaPath to resolve their multiple issues – including controlling costs, increasing security, simplifying IT, supporting bring your own device (BYOD), refreshing outdated technology, and supporting mobility. MegaPath’s customers value them as a one-stop, full-service provider that delivers the quality and reliable solutions that simplify the way they do business – from improving collaboration and employee productivity to alleviating the in-house burden of network and security management.
For 20 years, businesses have trusted MegaPath as their single source for cloud communications and connectivity.
MegaPath guarantees its reliable technology services that help its clients keep their businesses up and running smoothly so they can deliver great service to their own customers. MegaPath assures customer satisfaction with Industry-Leading Service Level Agreements, Networking Performance Monitoring and 24/7/365 Support.