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MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION: Transforming Data into Expert Decisions

Being a data science company that provides custom analytics solutions to the Financial, Retail, and the Healthcare industries, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION was incepted with a vision of working tirelessly to be dubbed as a leading custom analytics solution provider. The company boasts decades of experience in meeting the world’s toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities in modeling & analytics, optimization and Artificial Intelligence, especially in the payment and card space.
MATRiX strives to create the best outcomes for its clients and customers with its suite of empirical analytics solutions, which are cutting-edge, creative, robust, and simple to deploy. The data science company caters its services to multiple industries with the ultimate purpose of making the lives of common people simple.
Delivering Solutions that Benefits the Customers 
With its extensive range of analytical solutions, MATRiX works across different industries to empower businesses to make better decisions. The company strives to integrate its state-of-the-art practices with industry solutions to deliver optimal custom analytics to clients.
The solutions of MATRiX are customized to maximize the profit curves, leveraging all possible data sources as a result. The company builds strong predictive models and prescriptive analytics for banks for effective risk mitigation and robust profit optimization. It also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Operations research, proprietary and best industry known algorithms and state-of-art analytics business processes to build constrained optimized strategy and decisions. In addition to these, MATRiX goes above and beyond to provide seamless or near to seamless deployment of solutions across native technology platforms of Financial and Retail industries.
Following are some of the distinctive advantages clients gain from working with MATRiX:

  • Significant gain to the bottom line
  • Exceptional quality of all the analytics solutions
  • Efficiency gains in both development and deployment
  • Complete customer satisfaction at every stage
  • Dedicated support across engagement and post delivery

Standing out from the Crowd of Competitors
MATRiX has innovation with ethics as its core principle and all of them see this core responsibility as a means of making the industry better. With its suite of solutions and services, MATRiX separates itself from its competitors and stands out as a leading custom analytics solution provider.
Following are some of key areas where the company differs from its competitors:

  • Unsurpassed Models which provides maximum gains
  • Inimitable maturity in analytics space Ÿ Blend of experience and latest evolutions of the field
  • Cutting-edge methodologies for sustainable analytics solution development
  • Exceptional quality delivered due to domain expertise
  • Global market knowledge
  • Highly evolved modeling and analytics best practices
  • Very efficient deployment strategies
  • Proven results with current clients
  • Open source for our clients for their work
  • No black box solutions
  • Highly secure technology infrastructure

Brief Look at the Challenges and the Industry in itself 
Speaking about the industry, the CEO and Founder of MATRiX, Anil Bandari exclaims “Both Payment and Card industry is changing and evolving so rapidly these days that it is very difficult to keep pace with it. Evolution in the last 10 years has been exponential compared to prior years and in my personal view, the exponential trend will continue for years to come before it tapers off. I see data showing up as a prominent source to tap into and as of today the data is being leveraged in day-to-day decision-making process in these industries.”
He highlights some of the key challenges that companies face in the industry:

  • Poor or sub-optimal use of precious source of data in Financial, Retail and Healthcare industry.
  • Ineffective credit loss mitigation and predictive analytics with weak profitability-based strategies.
  • No or very little prescriptive analytics based on on-us and off-us industry data. Ÿ Inefficient operations (inventory, pricing, supply chain, marketing, transportation, data analytics) in Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) companies.
  • It is difficult to deploy and integrate models into native technology platforms seamlessly. Transforming Data into Expert Decisions MATRiX incepted from Anil’s inspiration, who has extensively worked with the data particularly in Payment and Card systems and his goal was to leverage this data across various domains.

“We all in the data science team at MATRiX have always been fascinated by the transaction data, its volume, frequency, signals, noise and outliers generated in Payment and Card industry and have been building analytics solutions in various domains like credit risk, fraud risk, customer analytics, customer centricity and day-to-day decisioning using the data,” mentions Anil.
It was this fascination that led the company to build some proprietary algorithms to transform data into machine form. It also helped the company build custom characteristics libraries based on timestamp, transaction type, geography, currency and merchant data. Finally, it was this fascination that facilitated the development of genetic algorithm, machine learning, deep learning and goal programming based transaction models, which are exceptionally dominant, robust and efficient for large volume and high dimensional data.
Tackling the Initial Hurdle and the Journey Ahead
“Journey of MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION so far has been deepening experience for many of us here at MATRiX.” The company boasts a group of extremely satisfied clients who find their services rewarding, and MATRiX is working on building new analytics solutions for their priority objectives these days and at the same time pursuing acquisition of new clients.
As with any other start-up company, MATRiX too faced its share of initial struggles, which included convincing banking, retail and healthcare clients to give a startup like us, a chance to prove ourselves. However, there were few banks, retail and a healthcare chain, who gave us this chance and we converted it into trust and long-term relationships.
The most effective strategy of company, identifying right talent and people, was the one, which made it easy to tackle initial struggles. With the dedication, professionalism and hard work of team to deliver the best to clients, MATRiX provided analytics solutions to clients which far exceeded their expectations every time.
The client satisfaction and delivering results beyond their expectation generated more projects, which helped with growth of MATRiX. “At this point, we clearly see ourselves being and becoming a significant player in Payment and Card industry in near future. We feel gradual fulfillment of our vision, to bring amazing things into dayto- day lives of common people and making it simple.”
In this year the company is working on the following aspects:

  • Working on the revenue, risk and expense models, customer lifetime value (CLV) analytics and profit optimization solutions to one of the biggest card portfolios in USA.
  • Will work with a worldwide payment processor and provide various modeling and analytics solutions.
  • Provide Prescriptive Analytics, strategy A/B testing, Model Governance Solution to Card and Payment Industry.

The company’s long-term vision stands at becoming the global leader of custom modeling and analytics solution provider in Finance, Retails and Healthcare industries, one which they are well on their way to achieve.
A Leader with Extensive Experience 
Anil Bandari is the pioneering leader who has shouldered the company to what it is known as today. With an extensive experience of more than 25 years in various leadership roles in the Financial Industry, Anil is leading MATRiX on the way to excellence. Prior to founding MATRiX, Anil headed global modeling and risk analytics in Citi for 7 major markets/countries (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) and was Director in Global Credit & Fraud Risk Management based in New York. Anil also holds the distinctive portfolio of being an innovator in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Transaction Analytics, Scoring, Signal processing, Credit and Fraud Risk Modeling, Strategy Optimization, RNA Sequence based high dimension data modeling and Customer Analytics.
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