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Mark Lyttleton: Prana Partners Overview

Mark Lyttleton benefits from 30 years of investment experience, supporting businesses in both public and private markets. He is the founder of Prana Partners, an organization created with the mission of helping companies at all stages of their evolution – providing thoughtful and strategic advice enabling them to grow and flourish even as they navigate challenging times.

Prana Partners was created to share knowledge acquired over many years of investing in companies. Its objective is to bring a degree of collaboration and humanity to business.

Prana Partners effectively mentors business leaders, sharing the benefit of its experience and wisdom. The organization helps to unlock the client’s inner knowledge, facilitating access to the right solutions to help leaders take their businesses to the next level.

In the financial services industry since 1992, Mark Lyttleton has worked as a fund manager at industry giants Blackrock, Mercury Asset Management, and Merrill Lynch, running long-only and long-short equity portfolios for more than two decades. In 2013, he opted for a lifestyle change and left the industry. Since then, he has been involved with more than 50 early-stage businesses, providing mentorship and investment (or both), ultimately helping the businesses he partners with to prosper and grow.

Mark Lyttleton does not focus on a particular industry, instead advising on a wide range of sectors. Nevertheless, the motivations and ambitions of entrepreneurs are essential in their investment decisions. Having personally experienced many of the highs and lows of business, he understands the mental and emotional challenges of founding, running, and scaling a business.

Away from the office, Mark Lyttleton is a committed philanthropist and the founder of Percent for Good, a charity created to drive high-impact charitable giving in the UK.

Whether the objective is simply to be as profitable as possible or to help the environment and broader society, Prana Partners allows businesses to map out a strategic vision to fulfill their goals and dream. Prana Partners helps the companies it partners with to optimize existing business strategies and advise on financial structuring. The organization can also help client companies to design a business plan, improving their access to vital capital.

Prana Partners offers comprehensive services to help companies realize their corporate vision. With over 25 years of experience analyzing businesses rather than running client companies, Prana Partners provides business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to capture opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

Recognizing how lonely and difficult the journey of start-up and growth can be for entrepreneurs, Prana Partners supports the businesses it partners with every step of the way, helping to lighten the burden for business owners and enabling them to realize their true potential.