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Manjrasoft: Delivering the Finest Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing, through the course of development in the software industry, has turned into a basic necessity for numerous organizations to function efficiently. It comes with a broad list of benefits that allow organizations to relish flexibility in their connections and communications globally. Accessing the data stored on cloud is an effortless task as the surging number of web enabled devices and applications partake in this process efficiently.
Manjrasoft Pty Ltd is one such innovative provider of application acceleration services and solutions over the Cloud. Founded in 2008, Manjrasoft’s core IP underpinning is its breakthrough technology, ‘Aneka’. This market oriented cloud application platform was initially developed as part of research projects funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and Australian Government’s Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research (DIISR). Manjrasoft’s global service in cloud computing is backed up by its team’s immense knowledge and hands on experience in distributed computing systems and cloud technology.
Empowering Enterprises Manjrasoft focuses on the creation of innovative software technologies for simplifying the development and deployment of applications on private or public Clouds. Its product Aneka launched in 2009 plays the role of application platform as a service for cloud computing. It supports various programming models involving Task Programming, Thread Programming and MapReduce Programming and tools for rapid creation of applications and their seamless deployment on private or public Clouds.
Aneka harnesses the spare CPU cycles of a heterogeneous network of desktop PCs and servers or datacenters on demand. The platform provides developers with a rich set of APIs for transparently exploiting resources and expressing the business logic of applications. One of the key features of Aneka is the ability of providing different ways for expressing distributed applications by offering different programming models. The Execution services it offers mostly concern the middleware with an implementation for these models. At the application level, Aneka provides a set of different components and tools to simplify the development of applications.
An Aneka based Cloud is constituted by a set of interconnected resources that are dynamically configured according to the user needs by using resource virtualization or by harnessing the spare CPU cycles of desktop machines. If the deployment identifies a private Cloud all the resources are within the enterprise. This deployment is extended by adding publicly available resources on demand or by interacting with other Aneka public clouds providing computing resources connected over the Internet.
An Erudite Leader 
With over 20 years of experience in software systems, Dr. Rajkumar Buyya is the founder and CEO of Manjrasoft Pty Ltd. He serves as a Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and directs the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University Of Melbourne, Australia.
Dr. Buyya has been awarded competitive research grants from various national and international organizations including the Australian Research Council, Sun Microsystems, StorageTek, IBM, and Microsoft, Australian DIISR and the European Council. He has carried out fundamental research in utility oriented distributed computing platforms such as Grids and Clouds.
He has published over 550 high impact research papers on varied topics. He is recognized as a “Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher” in both 2016 and 2017 by Thomson Reuters, a Fellow of IEEE and Scopus Researcher of the Year 2017 with Excellence in Innovative Research Award by Elsevier for his outstanding contributions to Cloud computing. Software technologies for Grid and Cloud computing developed under Dr. Buyya’s leadership have gained rapid acceptance and are in use at several academic institutions and commercial enterprises in 40 countries around the world.
Efficiency as a Service 
Manjrasoft offers a list of best-in-class services and solutions inclusive in Aneka that have evidently proven to be advantageous to its customers and partnering organizations. Aneka enables organizations to perform 3D rendering jobs in a fraction of the usual time using existing hardware infrastructure without having to do any programming.
Manjrasoft has applied its cloud computing tech and services in the education sector as well. To achieve this, the company is guiding Universities in educating a new generation of students about the latest developments in computing by adding parallel, distributed and Cloud computing to the curriculum. Manjrasoft provides teaching tools, software and examples to get academic programs up and running quickly.
In the life sciences sector, Aneka is used for drug design, medical imaging, modular & quantum mechanics, genomic search etc. The time consumption of simulations are shortened into hours instead of days by Aneka to complete enabling organizations to improve quality and precision of research by carrying out multiple simulations and decrease marketing time by performing parallel simulations.
Accomplishments of Excellence 
The efficiency of Manjrasoft is discernable through its triumphs in the cloud services sector. This list of achievements includes, Go Front, a subsidiary of China Southern Railways, becoming the first major customer; receiving award funding under COMET (Commercializing Emerging Technologies) Program from AusIndustry and the Frost and Sullivan “New Product Innovation” Award. Other notable achievement is the list of Manjrasoft’s customers, which include, the Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; the University of Hyderabad, India; Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China; Tribhuvan University, Nepal; West Bengal University of Technology, India; Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Kakinada, India; Guilin University of Technology, China; Washington State University, USA; and Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain.
Manjrasoft has teamed up with technology leaders and service providers such as IBM, Microsoft, Gigabytes Networks and HP to provide customers with even more robust Cloud computing solutions. The company currently aims on creating a Cloud Exchange and a Cloud Resource Broker for facilitating creation of a marketplace for Cloud computing. “Manjrasoft’s immediate goals are to enhance Aneka to dramatically speed up Big Data processing tasks within private Clouds; and to innovate a platform for the rapid creation and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in public Cloud environments”, adds Dr. Buyya.
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