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Major networking apps suspends processing government data requests

In proceedings involving China’s establishment of a new national security law for a semi-autonomous city, Facebook, Google and Twitter respectively have suspended any further processing requests for user data in Hong Kong. The owner of Watsapp and Instagram, Facebook Inc stated that they would be putting any further data processing on hold.
Due to the implications of the national security law, Google, a major unit of Alphabet Inc, alongside with Twitter Inc. Stated that they would be suspending any requests from Hong Kong authorities as per the immediate effect of the law. Google also stated that it would be reviewing the governments request for removal of user generated content.
Social networking sites have been known to apply localised restrictions on posts or content that seems to be violating laws. Hong Kong has been known as a regional financial hub with tech companies that have been operating freely.
Tik tok is another such app that would be shortly exiting the lands of Hong Kong. Tik Tok was designed so as to be inaccessible to mainland China and hence it had been a slow, loss making machine in Hong Kong. All the involved firms and technologies have been worried about this law undermining human rights and freedom.