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Majed Amer: A Proficient Leader with Adequate Industry Experience

Starting a business in the biggest adventure in an entrepreneur’s life. It takes collaboration of time, passion, finance and efforts to make a business successful. Majed Amer, CEO, and Co-founder at Cloudivize Technologies sharing key notes on entrepreneurship and business success, has more than twenty years of experience at enterprise software companies and product delivery. Majed has filled a couple of positions including Technology Strategist and Development Manager and leads Cloudivize technology, business vision, and operation. His resume covers enterprise products he led from the POC phase to enterprise usage at huge international industrial organizations.
Solution According to Demand 
Cloudivize is essentially a unique visual Cloud Operating System which is enabling the evolution of cloud platforms from “DOS era” into “Visual Operating System area” using advanced visual user experience. At Cloudivize the team believes in making the cloud platform accessible to more audiences, not leaving it in hands of a quite small group of experts. The company wants to expropriate this mandate from this small group and let-in more audience into this domain. It believes, this way software companies can deliver better product and can become more efficient organizations.
At Cloudivize, accessibility comes with intuitive user experience, productive usage, and optimized set of tools for each one of the different types of system audience. Its solutions aims to unify the basis for Cloud platforms, thus to improve the communication and collaboration between the different audiences. And on top of that, these solutions based to provide different tools and information layers for each type of users to match their needs.
According to Majed, “When Solution Architects are more interested in architectural diagrams and deployment topologies then DevOps are more interested in actual deployments and assets allocation. From the other hand, leaders and managers are more interested at status, monitoring and (above all) cost of their deployed systems. Then later come the system operation, where this type of audience is more interested at system maintenance and system health.” Each one of the above audiences (participants at the workflow) needs different level of information, without breaking the common terms used when communicating with others at the same organization. And this is what Cloudivize all about!
Qualities and Skills are Essential 
According to Majed, before one prepares for first steps at his entrepreneurship journey, “he should burry his ego”. He believes, “An entrepreneur should listen to all those even if it is unbearable sometimes and other times he could be insulted. So, an entrepreneur with big ego will never listen, then will not learn, then will lose critical relationship and this is a direct path to failure.”
It is clear that an entrepreneur without the drive and motivation will consume energy quite fast. With drive, one never gives up but changes course and adapts, and then exciting things happen. After the change, one has more energy and more drive. Majed believes, an entrepreneur never sees the result of his actions in real time, as he does things, starts processes and activities, but the result could come weeks or months later. If one doesn’t have the patience, he could give up too fast. Sometimes it is frustrating (especially for entrepreneur who always want quick results), but from his experience, be patient! Just with one critical alert, don’t lose track, being patient does not meaning losing continuity or working in chaotic mode.
Coping with Big Partners 
According to Majed tailoring the solution to fulfill users’ need and expectation was achieved with hard and long process. Since Cloudivize was bringing unique concepts, it was very difficult to pass the idea with partial solutions and expecting the users to complete the rest with common sense. The Agile MVP (Minimal Viable Product) concept could lead to miss-interpretations (mainly from the technical team) by delivering incomplete concepts. Along the journey, the team learned that any new feature offered should be almost 100% complete, without holes, and to be able to get good quality user feedback.
Majed learned that every partnership he did turned to be fruitful; even it took time to see the result, but eventually it found the value. The company is a part of APN (Amazon Partners Network) which was a quite door opener. There are so many things that needed attention to make the business operation smoother. In the run of a successful business none of the following: legal, marketing, sales, PR and customer relationships can be ignored or get less attention.
Attaining Customer with Trust 
There are many challenges in flexible business operation and building trust with customers is one of them. Cloudivize provides a management capability for the customer cloud. For doing that customers need to grant its access and connection permission to their account, for that customer needs full confidence with the solution and with the company. The company provides full list of measures and commitments for customer to build that trust. Side by side, it provides special attention to customers who need attention.
Extending Steadily 
Cloudivize Technologies’ vision is to become the public cloud management and operation standard visual operation system and for that it is acting on multiple fronts. The company is enriching the solution with more advanced services, and optimization tools. The team is working to establish more partnerships and extend the ecosystem and the customer base by offering more free services. Gradually extend the company’s offering to new countries and regions. Lately, the company started a fundraising round to boost its operation and ability to maintain constant growth on all the above activities.
Present is the Best Time 
The well-known advice is “Just do it”. Majed says, “Just do it, and do all in parallel and now”. He doesn’t believe in waiting or delaying and recommending to budding entrepreneurs to start all possible activities which are in their mind immediately. One can never know which idea would materialize into an actual impact on the business. Further, he says, talk to everyone, start all processes, engage with whom willing to engage, request meeting which whom willing to meet, join conferences, join partnerships, etc.
Majed firmly believes that entrepreneur will always find the way. So, start number of activities, and when one of the activities materializes into actions, one will find the way to execute and deliver.