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Machine to Machine: The Future of Business

A Technology that supports and allows communication between machines and devices through both wireless and wired systems refers to Machine-to-machine or M2M. It resembles the aspect of “Internet of Things”, and it connects Machine to Mobile- Mobile to Mobile – and finally Mobile to Machines.

From its basic term, Machine to Machine signifies connecting, monitoring, remote sensing and actuating wireless network devices. M2M can be used by many industries and vertical markets, or are willing to do so in future.

Therefore, M2M and various segments are intended to rise strongly over a couple of years by compound annual growth rates of about 50 percent and M2M industry is expected to connect 15 billion devices by 2018.

Interconnected wireless networks can raise production and efficiency in multiple areas, along with machinery that works on building cars or letting the developers of products acknowledge when particular products need to be maintained and the reason behind it.

This kind of information serves to systematize products that consumers buy and works to keep them all working at supreme capability. Machine to machine wireless network can serve to improvise the production and efficiency of machines, to boost the reliability and to safeguard complex systems.

Machine to Machine Characteristics

The main characteristics that have led to M2M development are greater usage of Smart devices, High usage of broadband, the emergence of new telecom platforms and increasing mobility applications. The development is facilitated by the improved telecom researchers that enabled exposure of technology platforms like 3G/4G (LTE) or FTTx etc.
– Pooja Bansal