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Macedon Technologies: Expert in Appian System Implementation

Macedon designs and implements business process management solutions with the Appian platform. Common solutions include workflow, case management, records management, and modernization of legacy systems. They also help clients who have licensed the platform establish internal centers of excellence and provide strategic guidance on how to best leverage the platform, such as whether to host locally or in the cloud. They also perform platform upgrades for clients who host locally, so they can always take advantage of the latest Appian feature set. Finally, they have a suite of reusable components and project accelerators that they leverage to execute projects. Their best solution of this type is their accelerator for managing scheduled maintenance windows on large assets such as manufacturing plants, which they have implemented for clients in the Oil and Gas space.
Austin Rosenfeld, a Prime Mover of BPM Platform
Austin Rosenfeld, founder and CEO of Macedon Technologies, studied Computer Science at the University of Virginia, and was one of the original product architects of the BPM platform at Appian Corporation. He left Appian to run the BPM practice at Amentra, a consulting company that was later bought by Red Hat. After the merger, Austin started Macedon Technologies as a pure-play with the goal of being the best in the world at executing projects with Appian’s platform.
Austin has also published numerous articles on BPM and was a contributing Subject Matter Expert on the BPM Institute’s Certified Business Management Professional Exam.
Austin says, “rather than implementing other technology stacks, we focus all of our energy on understanding every detail of the Appian platform.” Macedon’s wiki of internal knowledge is second-to-none, and their consultants have all achieved credentials and elite certifications in the Appian community.
Comprehensive set of Appian-related services
Macedon has implemented nearly 100 systems on the Appian platform, spanning a myriad of integration points, business problems, departments, and industry verticals. They have a specific methodology that leverages Agile techniques and the strengths of the Appian platform, resulting in the efficient execution of the software development lifecycle. Their consultants are cross-trained in business analysis, because they feel that analyzing the problem and building the solution are inseparable aspects of project delivery and that this approach results in higher solution quality.
Future Aspects
Macedon’s primary value is always to get the right people. Everyone at Macedon takes education seriously and pushes to be the best in their role with up-to-date certificates in specialized areas and to deliver quickly.
Macedon’s goal is to grow market share in a growing market. Appian is crushing their competition in the analyst reports, consistently appearing in the leader and visionary columns. As the market for Appian technology grows, Macedon aims to solidify their position as the best at executing projects on the platform. As the economy continues to improve and capital expenditures expand, Macedon has been increasing their footprint with key clients. Building multiple solutions for each client is now the norm, and they have several clients for whom they have built upwards of ten full-scale systems.
Suggested path for success to startups
“If you want to be self-sustaining instead of always relying on capital raises, have a services component to your offering. Services pay off in real time and allow you to form deep relationships with your clientele.”