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Maccaferri: Engineering Better Solutions for Construction-Tech World

The story of global construction-tech industry is becoming more interesting day by day. Engineering and Construction sector (E&C) is witnessing fluctuations in numerous ways which are creating new challenges for the global management teams. People are becoming smarter before making their choices with respect to a construction project’s cost and benefits. As such, many leading E&C firms and tech-based construction organizations are adapting to this change and providing solutions for smooth and agile construction operations. Rather than simply tracking costs and passing them along to the clients these organizations are becoming proactive about identifying bloated costs and reducing them. Also, they are lending a hand in making the global geotechnical and environmental construction markets better.
It is significant to recognize that technology is changing the design, procurement, and engineering operations of the construction projects.
One such organization taking concrete steps to revive the global construction industry and firmly holding the success roots is Maccaferri, founded in 1879. Based at Italy, the organization manufactures, designs, supplies, and constructs systems with its seventy subsidiaries operating across five continents. It has a on-site presence in more than hundred countries, offering solutions which include retaining structures, slope stabilization, erosion protection, rockfall mitigation, highway reinforcement, and coastal protection. The in-house personnel of Maccaferri consist of three thousand employees who made the company a global leader in the manufacture and supply of gabions and related steel wire mesh products. It is also a leader in construction geosynthetics.
“We are highly-specialized professionals trained in designing and developing complex solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets”.
Meet the Witful and Well-Spoken Leader
Paolo Ramadori is the CEO of Maccaferri. Ramadori is a perfect example of consistency and innovativeness. He strives hard with a motive to make innovation happen around the world. He believes in being responsible, respectful, caring, and sensitive not only to the environment but also very much to the people, the stakeholders and to the world at large. Ramadori is the backbone of Maccaferri and is constantly driving the actions of the organization.
Under the leadership of Ramadori, his team overcomes various challenges related to climate change, urbanization, resource scarcity and is on its way to shape the future of the planet. Maccaferri plays a key role to drive economic growth, and provides solutions to address social and climatic challenges.
He says, “Maccaferri is not just about what we want to be but even more importantly it is about how we want to be as an organization. We really enjoy the challenges of engineering and are able to work dynamically”.
Diversified Range of Unique Services Benefitting Clients
Maccaferri is an undisputed leader in providing prominent construction-tech solutions for end-to-end customer satisfaction. Instead of simply selling products, the organization offers a unique range of services which identify, address and respond to the specific needs of each client, globally.
 “We have a unique business model because we are a real partner, through all the different project stages in close synergy with our clients; manufacturing, designing and installing solutions throughout the world”
Agribusiness– Maccaferri provides filtering and storage solutions through its geomembranes and drainage geocomposites which help in constructing storage lagoons and attenuation ponds within agricultural facilities.
Building, Industry and Sport– The organization represents itself as a brand in the complex world of civil and industrial constructions. It is amongst the leading providers of the concept of horizontal drainage in the synthetic grass fields. It offers its customers with specific products for all needs, both for homologated fields and for smaller fields through the technological development of the range of Terradrain Football drainage composites.
Coastal & River Control Works– Maccaferri experience in hydraulic works started in the 1890’s. Since then the organization has expanded its portfolio of solutions for the coastal & river control works with the developing of particular expertise and specialist knowledge in the field. Maccaferri focuses on selecting a logical graded range of interventions enabling it to meet overall customer satisfaction. Maccaferri design software supports engineers in the design of durable and environmentally compatible coastal and river control works solutions.
Emergency & Floods– Speed and efficiency are vital to deal with flood and emergency situations. Maccaferri’s emergency and floods solutions are designed to offer an efficient and effective response in case of emergency, mitigating the effects of floods, thereby reducing the extreme impacts and costs for businesses, individuals, insurers, and the government.
Environmental Protection– The organization offers the high-quality and robust solutions to prevent environmental contamination landfills and collects precious leachates in mines. It also offers MacGrid® geogrids that reinforce soil enabling the steepening of slopes within landfill cells and maximizing the volume available for waste disposal. Clients can attain safe and cost-effective disposal by using the MacTubes® provided by Maccaferri. Additionally, these products and their solutions come with CE marking which help to meet appropriate legislative requirements.
Defence & Security– Maccaferri carries a great deal of expertise in gabions, soil reinforcement and natural hazard protection which enables it to help clients protect what is important to them; military personnel, citizens or critical assets. Also, the reinforcement solutions improve the performance of soft ground, stabilize soils, and enable the smooth movement pathway for heavy military vehicles.
Mining– The organization provides mining solutions to its customers from access and material handling infrastructure, rockfall hazard mitigation, product concentration, and leachate storage, to dewatering and site remediation. These solutions pave the most possible ways for constructing efficient and safer mines. Maccaferri’s experience in water control hydraulic structures, erosion protection, and re-vegetation enables the rehabilitation of the local environment at the end of mine exploration.
Oil & Gas / Energy– From wind farms, to oil storage and pipeline, the organization provide numerous solutions to stabilize soft ground, support working platforms and other infrastructure demands. Maccaferri provides geogrids and geotextiles to reinforce access tracks to Oil & Gas/Energy facilities reinforced soil slopes to enable the construction of pipelines through confined areas retaining structures solutions to enable the construction of terminals, plant infrastructure, and also stabilize soft ground to support working platforms. Furthermore, the company provide erosion control and re-vegetation solutions to rapidly reinstate the scarred earth with greater efficiency and value-for-money.
Transportation Infrastructure– Extensive involvement in projects of all sizes reassures Maccaferri’s clients that it has capabilities to recognize their infrastructure problems and deliver customized solutions to meet specific requirements. Maccaferri solutions has been used globally on some of the most significant infrastructure schemes, including what is believed to be the tallest reinforced soil structure in the world at 74m high.
Urban Infrastructure– Maccaferri’s wide range of solutions tailors as many of the urban infrastructure requirements. The organization offers solutions for steeper retaining walls while constructing narrower corridors for road and rail works. It offers soil enforcement solutions for steeply sloping housing developments and creates terraces to maximize development areas. The organization aims to solve the drainage problems associated with the groundwater adjacent to new structures. The organization deals in providing basal reinforcement solutions aiding the commercial developments to withstand the soft soils in a redevelopment zone, tunneling works for metros, and other underground infrastructure.
Unified Efforts Fueling the Success Engine
Maccaferri’s consistent efforts towards outstanding quality, health, safety, and unique technical expertise have made it a renowned brand in the construction-tech market. The key ingredients fueling the growth of the organization include attentive listening, innovation and collaboration. Its vision to adapt to the fluctuations occurring in the technologies, new processes, and new ways of working has shaped its destiny. Its belief of managing costs and resource efficiency has successfully helped the company to outshine other competitors.  Also, maintaining client relationships is also a major factor holding the success roots. With constant dedication and consistency, today, Maccaferri is amongst the Global rankers for its rock fall and float prevention system.
“We invest on developing our engineers’ skills as well as on increasing intellectual properties on our solutions”.
The company believes in the diversity of its employees. It respects their cultures, races and genders. It encourages them to think and act without prejudices and to keep challenging themselves and the status quo in line with the true spirit of continuous improvement. This is a key attribute fueling the success engine and has helped Maccaferri to flourish over the last one-forty years.
Message for the Budding Startups
The company suggests the emerging startups to keep an open-minded approach and recognize the needs of the clients to find and build a strong curated portfolio of solutions. In addition, passion, curiosity, and entrepreneurship will take the new-age entrepreneurs to newer heights of success.
Future Perspectives
Maccaferri commits to having a bright future. With the spectacular services and products positively impacting on carbon footprint reduction the organization is investing its performance with a motive to nurture the future world. It is planning to expand its geographical presence with its sound strategy levering on investments on product development and innovative technologies in the near future.
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