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M-Power Solutions: Helping Organisations Unlock the Power of Business Data

Even today, on-premises EnterprisePerformance Management (EPM)solutions remain the dominant use-case in the corporate environment. Finance departments have been spending millions of dollars implementing EPM systems to evaluate performance and achieve ultimate enterprise goals; and in numerous cases, these EPM suites are integrated with on-premises ERP systems as well. But still there are many questions which are unsolved, such as: Are these legacy systems, agile and flexible enough to meet today’s briskly evolving needs? Do they enable distributed work groups and allow for rapid configuration adjustments in response to changing tax codes, regulations, and business conditions? To provide answers to all these ever lagging dilemmatic questions, M-Power Solutions came into being.
The M-Power team combines decades of industry, product and implementation experience with the drive and enthusiasm of a Cloud-based start-up, to deliver real, transformational outcomes for their customers. As the winner of the Oracle Cloud EPM & BI Partner for Asia Pacific for the last 3 years and the Global Oracle Cloud Business Analytics Partner of the Year for 2017, they are recognised for being at the forefront of the digital finance transformation happening across the world. At M-Power Solutions, they help customers irrespective of their size move to modern, low cost, functionally rich and highly scalable, Cloud solutions to transform their business.
The Purpose behind M-Power Solutions’ Inception
Founded in 2003, M-Power Solutions was created with an aim to help clients make better, more profitable decisions by improving access to their biggest asset, information. M-Power is more than just a traditional IT consultancy firm because they believe in working as a true business partner.
M-Power Solutions help organisations drive transformational efficiencies with modern, digital finance solutions which underpins process, procedure, and organisational change. Their experience across various industries has helped them to define and create template-based solutions, that are quick and easy to deploy helping their clients to remove manual, spreadsheet-based finance processes with new connected digital applications, thus helping in executing change swiftly and successfully.
M-Power is the number one Oracle Cloud Partner in Asia Pacific and one of the leading Oracle Cloud implementation innovators globally. They focus on the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud platforms delivering Cloud applications in this area for nearly 40 customers which makes them the largest and most experienced provider in Asia Pacific.
Meet the Torch Bearer of M-Power Solutions
Mark Simpson, Director and Owner at M-Power Solutions is a knowledgeable entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
“We get to know you and your business so that we can work effectively together to achieve business led outcomes using the latest and greatest Cloud technology and industry leading implementation approaches. We share the responsibility for the project outcome, when we start a project we are in it together till the end: your success is our success” – asserts Mark.
Understanding Cloud Transformation
Cloud solutions are driving the digital transformation agenda more quickly than anyone would have imagined less than 3 years ago.  Today, organisations are delivering solutions in the Cloud that wouldn’t have been possible in similar, traditional, on-premise applications.  Modern digital applications give the power to the business, shortening the time to value for end users, reducing the time scales and costs for project implementations by providing a more powerful, scalable software platform.
Internally, business and IT teams will need to work together to assess their requirements to ensure that they purchase a Cloud solution that will support their current and future. At M-Power Solutions they often speak to customers who have purchased other Cloud EPM and BI solutions and are now moving to Oracle Cloud solutions because what was perceived as a lower cost option did not deliver the functionality, scalability or performance that they needed.
Looking forward to a bright future the company believes, integration of Cloud services will also be a key challenge for internal IT teams. The hybrid world of on-premise and Cloud solutions that is developing will need to be considered carefully by IT departments ensuring that the services they bring in are open and able to be integrated into their current environment.
Clients’ Satisfaction equals to M-Power Soutions’ Success
M-Power provides pre-built Xcelerate Templates for the Oracle EPM & BI Cloud which enables their customers to deliver quicker, cheaper, better solutions with less risk, and that’s a perfect combination!
M-Power Solutions is the Global Oracle Business Analytics Cloud Partner of the Year for 2017. So, working with them means you are working with the best in the business!
Future Perspectives
“In our view we are at the start of the digital finance transformation process. Many companies have started the journey but the majority are yet to start. We have a fantastic opportunity to help organisations large and small on this journey which is exciting and a great opportunity for us is to continue the amazing growth of our business over the last few years.” says Mark.

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