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M-Power: Experts in Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

Incorporated in 2003, M-Power Solutions is at the forefront of the Cloud revolution. As the largest Oracle Business Analytics Cloud partner in APAC they provide a complete suite of pre-built, Cloud based Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting, and Analytic solutions. In a world awash with data, but limited insight, M-Power provides business focused solutions to unlock the power of your greatest asset, information.
The Creator
Mark Simpson, Director & Owner along with Rick Cooper and Steve Hitchman is managing M-Power Solutions since its inception. Mark Simpson has had a distinguished IT Services career working in senior leadership and director roles building and growing a number of successful Business Intelligence and Performance Management consultancy firms. His role in M-Power focuses on business growth strategies, the adoption of new delivery approaches and solutions and the development of the organization to support the business growth.
While Rick and Steve come from the business/functional side working in high profile finance roles before they decided to move into the consultancy side and start M-Power. They focus on project delivery and ensuring successful business outcomes for their customers.  Their experience, leadership and strategic focus are unrivalled in the APAC market and have been a cornerstone of the success of the business.
Services Propounded
M-Power has the been able to harmonise many years of experience successfully delivering traditional, on premise Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting, Analytic and Big Data solutions with the technological advances enabled by the Cloud, which has put M-Power at the forefront of the Cloud revolution.
M-Power delivers the most advanced Business Analytics Cloud solutions in the market today and is the perfect business partner to help organisations navigate the Cloud Revolution. This is underscored by their position as the leading Oracle Business Analytics Cloud Partner in Asia Pacific, a title earned by their consistent success in helping customers harness the business-tangible power of Oracle Analytics and Hyperion software solutions.
Crossing the Hurdles
As founders, Mark, Rick and Steve wanted to own, run and be part of a company that focused on business outcomes for their customers rather than consultant utilization for them. They decided that building long term; trust based partnerships with customers would be good for their company’s growth and for their customers businesses.
They agreed that they would only ever take on projects that they could deliver and wouldn’t chase things they couldn’t do. They decided it was important to surround themselves with likeminded, highly skilled people not just technical experts and finally and most importantly, they agreed that their customers should be the focus of everything they do. They have done quite well so far and are proud to stand with the team they have built and the customers they work with.
Strategy that Keeps M-Power Unique
After a detailed review of their business, customers’ requirements and the infrastructure revolution, the Cloud was enabling and they decided to make a strategic decision to move their focus from traditional on premise Oracle solutions to delivering Oracle Cloud Services. Many consultancy firms providing Business Intelligence and Planning and Budgeting solutions continue to look backwards towards the “old” world where they install, manage and upgrade traditional on premise solutions for their customers’ which safeguards their revenue stream. M-Power’s focus is on reducing costs and improving outputs for modern, forward thinking organizations using Cloud solutions.
The Client Base
M-Power believes building long-term, trust-based partnerships with their clients and only ever taking on projects that they can deliver provides an unrivalled outcome for their customers. More specifically, Team M-Power has worked hard to build their industry and functional expertise into their pre-built Xcelerate Application Templates for the Oracle Analytics Cloud Service. M-Power’s Xcelerate solutions are easy to implement, accelerate project delivery timescales, reduce overall costs and most importantly reduce project risks.
Future Perspective
M-Power’s growth opportunities excite them about the future. They think of themselves as if they are a 13-year-old start up as their organization has completely transitioned to a Cloud solution provider. They are excited to be at the forefront of the Cloud explosion which has driven the fantastic growth of their business over the last 2 years and allowed them to deliver exciting new solutions to customers of all sizes.
In the past, M-Power’s customers were predominantly large complex organizations but now they are able to provide the same powerful solutions at a fraction of the price to small and medium size businesses as well. It is also an exciting time for existing Oracle customers who are working with them on their journey to the Cloud which is helping them to reduce costs, drive innovation and improve user engagement through the new Cloud interfaces.
With new functionality being delivered through the Oracle Cloud every month they have changed the cadence of their implementations as customers can access new software immediately allowing them to truly change the software paradigm, they look forward to the ongoing Cloud revolution!