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Loop AI Labs: Creating a New Era of Cognitive Technology

With the growing ecosystem for smart applications, API-driven services have marked a radical growth in the market. The interest of businesses has grown toward cognitive API. A cognitive API requires specialized knowledge about how a particular set of data should be used to achieve the desired outcome. Taking this requirement into consideration, Loop AI Labs designed its unique “Human Capacity Cognitive Computing” platform, Loop Q to encapsulate that knowledge behind the API.
Founded in 2012, Loop AI Labs is a global leader in unsupervised Cognitive Computing based solutions for Digital Transformation and Cognitive Robotic Process Automation. The company is currently helping major sectors of the economy including banks and financial services, insurance, telecommunications and media, automotive, manufacturing, utilities, and logistics. It is enabling these sectors to benefit from the efficiencies of a new era of cognitive technology by augmenting the capacity of their current workforce, by adding self-learning digital Cognitive Robots, and by helping organizations prepare for their future demand.
An Unsupervised Cognitive Computing Solution 
Loop AI Labs’ technical team spent several years of R&D prior to the release of Loop Q, which it licenses to organizations as a complete, on-premise, autonomous cognitive computing solution. Loop Q is an individual human capacity cognitive computing platform, deployed securely within the client’s data center as dedicated hardware and software appliance, and it also includes the availability of Cloud deployment. Arriving at a blank slate, Loop Q’s unique learning approach allows it to learn the specifics of an organization’s domain autonomously, requiring no resource-heavy human guidance, labeled data, or extra programming.
Learning the workflows and language from its human peers, Loop Q is able to understand the specific nuances of an organization’s communications, lingo, product names, workflows, and data in any language. The knowledge that once required two years of learning by a human can be processed by Loop Qin 15 minutes. Due to its unlimited and unaided approach, Loop Q works as the central brain that powers all cognitively-enabled applications, Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the cognitive retrofitting of existing legacy systems. Together with the company’s network of Loop Certified Partners, Loop AI Labs builds out full Cognitive Roadmaps that increase productivity and savings and reduce errors within the enterprise. On the horizon, it will bring cognitive computing to larger audiences in smaller spaces, incorporating the power of Loop Q for reasoning on smart devices and other Edge-computing cases.
With Loop Certified Partners for system integration, users get specialized training to ensure that they know how to leverage the API to the greatest effect.
Idealistic Visionaries 
After founding several successful companies in Europe, Loop AI Labs’ CEO, Gianmauro Calafiore came to Silicon Valley looking for people to help realize his vision for an AI company. There he found Dr. Bart Peintner and Dr. Patrick Ehlen, now CTO and Chief Scientist respectively, who were key contributors to the largest AI research endeavor in history, the DARPA CALO project.
Over the years of R&D, they drew on a blend of sciences to devise a unique AI system that is versatile, scalable, smart, and fast. The result became the humans emulated intelligence that is now Loop Q.
While working on the DARPA CALO project at SRI and Stanford, Dr. Peintner and Dr. Ehlen, both, observed first-hand the problems of developing massive and overly ambitious AI systems.
Dr. Patrick Ehlen recalls, “CALO was like the Human Genome Project, a bloated undertaking with a million places where things could go wrong or get bogged down.” Seeing the success of another CALO-related spinoff— Siri—that was laser-focused in scope, they chose a different track. “We focused on creating a lean and versatile system, like Craig Venter’s ’shotgun sequencing’ approach to genomics. The result was marvelous,” he adds.
When IDC published its first report that established the Cognitive Market, Loop AI Labs had just launched operations and became a recommended software vendor by IDC. Shortly after, Ovum Research published a dedicated report describing Loop Q’s ability to distill knowledge from dark data. Inclusion in the 2017 CB Insights AI 100 provided massive visibility and global inbound from companies that wanted to meet Loop AI Labs. A recent partnership with LINK Mobility scales Loop Q’s usability to include over 234 million end users in small and medium enterprises across Europe.
A Simplified Approach 
In the near-term, APIs will be made even more accessible. Loop AI Labs has partnered with Blue Prism and is now a part of its Digital Exchange, a marketplace where business users can select components and effectively use APIs to do a multitude of business tasks, including cognitive computing. This simplified approach allows non-programmers to do what used to require specialized API programming.
Now enterprises can use components, like Blue Prism RPA & Loop Q, on top of their existing legacy systems giving them full cognitive robotic process automation capabilities and not just cognitive features. The integration enables clients to evolve from traditional RPA to Cognitive RPA and create robots that learn by observing the actual work performed by human teams, rather than manually-created rule sets. In the longer-term, AI-based learning will ultimately allow systems to learn from each other, rendering APIs as we know them, obsolete.
Exemplifying Satisfaction of Customers 
“Lutech has been a partner of Loop AI Labs’ for almost three years. From the beginning, I’ve been impressed by the vision and the high-level innovation of the unsupervised cognitive computing Loop Q platform. Lutech has made significant investments to maintain the certification levels required by Loop AI Labs, and we had important returns both on the market and as a positioning driver on our best customers. Loop AI Labs is really a pioneer in the field of cognitive computing that is becoming more and more an integral part of any business solution.” – Tullio Pirovano, CEO at Lutech SpA – Group OEP (One Equity Partners)
“Proud, that our HPC servers contribute to boosting the benefits generated by the Digital Transformation Programs of large Enterprise Organizations. By leveraging the introduction of Cognitive Computing in their own core business processes, they are able to understand and manage unstructured data, emulating just how human beings do it, with the Loop Q Unsupervised Cognitive Computing Platform of our Partner Loop AI Labs.” – Stefano Venturi, President, and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Italy, Vice President Hewlett Packard Enterprise Inc.