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LogicManager: The Best ERM Software with a Unique Approach

Best known for its integrated approach to solving traditional risk management, governance, and compliance challenges, LogicManager offers top-rated software and support, which enables demonstrable customer success in a business environment rife with uncertainty. Founded with a focus on customer satisfaction, risk management expertise, and cost-effective innovation, LogicManager is a leading provider of ERM software and offers a holistic approach to GRC solutions and services.
LogicManager’s risk-based solutions are designed to help customers connect the work being done across departments and levels, helping companies manage uncertainty, recognize opportunities for innovation, and improve performance.
Maintaining a growth rate of 30-50% for each of the past four years, LogicManager grew 42% in 2016 alone. In a market forecasted to grow from $19.2 billion in 2016 to $38.0 billion by 2021, LogicManager has customers across industries, including banks, utility providers, hospitals, and universities. LogicManager is leveraging this trend to expand the use cases of its platform to even more industries and geographies.
Predominant risk-based approach
Founded in 2005, LogicManager was the first company in the GRC industry to offer an integrated, risk-based approach to risk management, governance, and compliance concerns. As a leading provider of enterprise risk management solutions, LogicManager has enabled more than 2,400 organizations to Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today® by maximizing the value of their GRC programs. LogicManager helps customers increase efficiency, manage uncertainty, and protect their reputations with robust software, a flexible SaaS platform, and top-rated customer support.
It is LogicManager’s unique risk-based approach helped the company win the prestigious Value Award in Risk Management by GRC 20/20. Also, in the same year, Forrester Research recognized LogicManager as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms. In this report, LogicManager received high scores in Product Vision and Strategy, as well as a 5.0/5.0 score in Customer Feedback, reflecting the demonstrated success of its customers in the emerging GRC market.
GRC 20/20 recognized LogicManager for providing Winona Health the risk-based software and services needed for their industry-leading integrated risk and incident management program. Winona Health’s program has increased financial performance and improved operational efficiency by objectively identifying and prioritizing root causes of incidents across departments, and shortening related incident processing times.
Founder who emphasizes team strengths
Steven Minsky, Founder & CEO of LogicManager, Inc. is a true believer that focusing on team strengths is the best path to success. Steven firmly believes the ability to identify individual strengths and build teams around complimentary skills has enabled LogicManager to attract top talent and achieve sustained growth in a rapidly-expanding industry. “Growing our teams around complimentary skillsets has enabled us to incorporate varying perspectives into the innovation process, and implement increasingly creative solutions,” he affirms.
Steven feels that mentoring employees has also been key to the company’s  success. Moreover, a hands-on approach to professional development, according to Steven, enables the company to promote almost exclusively from within, while continuing to offer new challenges and learning opportunities.
Office culture that differentiates the company from others
Recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal, LogicManager is a team-based organization with a commitment to a positive office culture and customer success. LogicManager focuses on building teams that leverage individual strengths and passions, which has resulted in an atmosphere where employees are incredibly proud of the work they do and can see the direct impact their ideas have on the company’s success.
The management and leadership teams encourage everyone to explore new solutions and approaches, entrusting individuals to execute their ideas with a large amount of personal autonomy. This enables cross-functional work and a collaborative approach to problem solving across departments.
“At LogicManager, we’re proud of our incredible culture,” says Steven. The teams at LogicManager are made of proactive individuals who rely on each other for creative problem solving and celebrated success. “To best achieve our strategic goals, LogicManager values employees who are innovative, collaborative, driven, ethical, and intelligent in both their thoughts and actions,” adds Steven.
As per Steven, it is the unique culture and approach to innovation that has enabled LogicManager to achieve consistent growth that shows no signs of slowing.
Future that is ‘Bright and Beautiful’
LogicManager has a very bright and beautiful future ahead, as it is on the verge of releasing the next version of its platform. The new release will feature a completely redesigned user interface, offering added functionality to its already robust suite of solutions. This major release will make the product more intuitive for end-users, who often operate on the front-lines of a business, and offer a wider set of functionality for system administrators. Due to LogicManager’s flexible Software-as-a-Service, the company continually releases smaller quarterly enhancements based on evolving customer needs.
LogicManager is also preparing for its annual user conference, IMPACT. IMPACT 2017 will take place in Boston, MA and will be another opportunity for the LogicManager community to share stories, exchange ideas, and learn from the successes of other risk management practitioners across industries.

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