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Local Motors: Shaping the Future for the Better

Founded in 2007 with a belief in open collaboration and co-creation, Local Motors by LMI is a ground mobility company that is focused on shaping the future for the better. Since its foundation, Local Motors began low volume vehicle manufacturing of open-source designs using multiple micro-factories. Currently, Local Motors by LMI harnesses the technology of direct digital manufacturing (3D-Printing) to create innovative, scalable solutions.
Visionary Leaders
LM Industries Group, Inc., the parent company of Local Motors, is headed by CEO, Jay Rogers. He is widely recognized as a visionary in the automotive, manufacturing and technology space. Jay Rogers is a highly sought-after speaker, engaging and provoking forward thinking around the world in a variety of venues. Jay believes in candor, action, responsibility and excellence throughout the organization. Rogers founded Local Motors after serving for seven years in the United States Marine Corps, where he was an Infantry Company Commander. He has worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Co., as an investment analyst at Ewing & Partners, and at a startup medical device company in the People’s Republic of China. He serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Director of the RBR Foundation, a philanthropic foundation focused on education and healthcare. A graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Rogers holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar).
Matthew Rivett is the Executive Vice President of Local Motors and a leading force in automotive innovation. Matthew was a critical contributor to the development and manufacturing of Olli, the first ever self-driving shuttle. In collaboration with key stakeholders to raise funds and create innovative manufacturing processes, Matthew, oversaw the opening of Local Motors first international facility, and expanding the business to ensure further development of Olli. Before working on the Olli, Matthew produced the world’s first 3D printed vehicle called the Strati. Through his efforts in Program Management, crowd sourcing and collaborations with the Oakridge National Lab and Cincinnati Machine tools, the Strati became a reality.
Thinking out of the Box
With its experience in the industry, Local Motors has learned that in order to be at the forefront of any industry transformation, it takes a dedicated team who thinks outside the box, not just in business, but in everyday life. The organization has learned that in order to succeed, failures are not only understood, but anticipated and dissected to learn from our mistakes and create better products.
“Mass manufacturing is a relic of a past era. We’re in the middle of a mobility revolt where current modes of transportation are not sustainable and do not match up with rapidly changing consumer preferences. We can’t keep producing products the same way in which we’ve been accustomed. The world is moving too fast for traditional manufacturing to keep up. We are on a mission to transform mass manufacturing to micromanufacturing in order to match the new pace of technology and quickly changing consumer needs.”– asserts CEO, Jay Rogers.
Tackling Challenges and Preparing for Better Future
Local Motors believes, like with any new technology, there’s always a rate of adaption of which to be mindful. The rate of adaption can significantly affect the supply chain, both in cost of components/parts, but also in availability.
Local Motors strives to constantly develop and integrate new technologies from a variety of companies to ensure it always has the best, most effective and productive components. This enables the company to make changes quickly, as the industry changes at a rapid pace. The organization also believes that it has to be flexible, constantly planning for the future and the uncertainties. Local Motors aims to produce safe, quality, efficient products for its customers while creating a sustainable environment not only for today, but tomorrow as well.
Recently, the world has seen an immense demand for vehicles with an alternative energy source, particularly electric vehicles in today’s market. Local Motors continues to research, test and develop the electrification of vehicles and systems. As a firm believer in open-source technology, the company believes in working collectively to bring the best vehicles to the consumers in the most effective way. As more companies invest and utilize electrification, the cost of these new technologies begins to reduce, allowing all to invest in the next generation of technology together.
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