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Live Reps Call Center: Best 24/7 Customer Support

What would impress the customers? What do they ask for? These questions need to be considered to keep the business on top of mind for the customers. It is the difference between a satisfied customer and losing a customer who tries to phone you with questions or problems. It can also save time for customers and the company. This creates lasting impressions in the minds of the customer when the customer contacts the organization. With such an impression, Live Reps Call Center stands as a promising leader in customer relationships. LRCC provides consistent delivery of positive customer experiences for its clients. As a full-service Inbound/Outbound Call Center, it provides professionally trained staff to meet the specific needs of their clients, their products, and services. The customer support leader is specialized in live customer support solutions, 24/7 answering, Outbound Dialing, Interactive Voice Response, Direct Response, Surveys, Live Chat, Order Taking, Product Support, and Appointment Setting.
Timelines and Journey of LVCC
Live Reps Call Center started in Cincinnati, Ohio over 15 years ago as a call center. It has since expanded into several different areas. In the past, LRCC had helped smaller companies grow, and now it is dealing more with larger companies that are well known and global. The company now offers professional support for fundraising, call scoring, data entry, email marketing, social media management, web development, and survey work. In short today, the team does it all. Over the past four years, the company has adopted a work-from-home model, where it allows carefully vetted and screened representatives to work from the comfort of their own home. Today, it has certainly a gained top position in the market with its clients like Grater’s Ice Cream, Keller Williams Realty, Chrysler, and many more.
Giving Preference to Customers/Clients
Customers want to reach out to organizations in the most natural way. They have conversations, which is calling. LRCC’s representatives are extremely professional and have the ability to reach out to clients’ target audience on short notice. The company has flexible and individualized plans that will ensure that customers are taken care of, no matter the day or time. They makes sure every call is handled, and a potential customer becomes a customer again and again. This has lead to such a positive growth that they are able to pick and choose what clients they take on. They used to be working almost exclusively with companies that had dozens or hundreds of calls a day, but now it is working more and more with companies that have thousands of calls every day.
Help to Reduce Costs/Helps in Cost-cutting
The old way of doing customer service is expensive for the business. Companies today are implementing solutions into their business to better the experience for the consumer, brand, and employees, one that is more efficient and cost-effective. LRCC helps to reduce costs and increase sales.   The company’s Outbound Marketing Professionals helps to boost credibility and general leads for sales representatives. It usually involves using emails to request business, solicit sales or donations and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. The company’s partnerships allow its clients to save on equipment, training, staffing, sick days, multi-lingual calls, etc. Whether the client is a low-budget small business or a large corporation, LRCC adds value to the client’s business. The company is helping over 30 different restaurants take orders over the phone and consequently increasing ticket sales by up to 45%.
Live-Person Interactive Flexibility
Companies are transforming customer service and resolving queries faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Live Reps Call Center works 24/7/365 with over 100 highly trained people. The company’s robust dialer allows for real-time worksheets and notifications as well as directing callers to the most compatible agent. It has redundancies setup so that the company is never down for any reason, including weather and internet. They have recently gotten into the digital marketing space as well. The work-from-home model has allowed the company to be completely scalable to any level of volume. This has also allowed the organization to be extremely flexible when it comes to dealing with unexpected volume spikes. This has lead to higher agent satisfaction as agents no longer need to worry about things like gas money and a dress code.
Challenges and Future in Sustaining Competition
Some of the challenges that the company has experienced are strict criteria it has to meet in order to allow reps to work from home. It took the firm a while to master this model, but it has been well worth it. The company’s real value is in the fact that it is making clients’ lives easier. Many of their clients are now able to focus more on growth rather than day-to-day operations. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, it provides ancillary services to fit their client’s needs. For example, the company might take calls for a restaurant, but in order to increase the traffic into the restaurant, it offers digital marketing and brand ambassador services to win new customers on social media, the web, and in-person. Its Brand Ambassadors can be seen setting up booths at sporting events, tastings, shows, and much more. Companies can decrease their payroll, avoid spending on technology, and still know that their customers are being handled by domestic professionals. At the end of the day, these companies are saving an incredible amount of money while still maintaining the integrity by using a third-party U.S. based call center.
About the CEO
A leader in the field of Call Center deals with professionalism and strength to connect with people. Filled with fire to do business, Steve Wachs is the CEO and Owner of Live Reps Call Center. He is qualified with B.B.A and B.A in Business Psychology from Miami University. His ways are grounded by professionalism and have the utmost integrity in his business dealings. He is a leader in consumer marketing and management and finds strength in connecting with people. His experience, knowledge, and skills offer clients for driving revenue growth in highly competitive markets. Steve’s business philosophy is “efficiency, with an emphasis in quality customer service”, and is the core principle of LRCC. Finally, he is a champion in the call center space.
Testimonials“I also want to compliment two of your phone agents: Mike and Deborah!  Both were very pleasant and patient with me, attempting to defuse my frustration and inability to order on line!!  They finally processed my ice cream by placing my request successfully. Human beings are far more efficient and personable than computers. I am grateful for their professionalism!!!  Thank you for good management.” – Rabbi Ronald W. Kaplan, D. Min. – Graeter’s Ice Cream