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LiquidAgents Healthcare: Providing Superlative Assistance in Healthcare Staffing

The world has entered a critical period for human resources in healthcare. The scarcity of qualified health personnel, including nurses, is being highlighted as one of the biggest obstacles in achieving health system effectiveness. A nursing shortage is not just an organizational challenge or a topic for economic analysis; it has a major negative impact on healthcare. Because of the surge in demand for nurses, finding a capable one is not easy for any healthcare organization, and it’s even harder when the requirement is for specialty nurses. So, if you find yourself in the position of need for healthcare professionals, specialty nurses, travel nurses, or travel allied candidates, the best solution provider to your problem is LiquidAgents Healthcare. Based out of Plano, Texas, the company provides clinical staffing solutions to public and private healthcare facilities across the United States.
Work & Work-culture
The principal belief of LiquidAgents is well-reflected in their quote which says, “We see beyond your scrubs and stethoscopes. We see the gardener, the world traveler, the grandparent, the mother, the daughter.” When you work with LiquidAgents Healthcare, you are considered more than just a number. You are a real person and an integral part of their family.
LiquidAgents Healthcare invests in its employees. From company events to office lunches, a fun team environment is fostered and each part of the team has proven to be instrumental to the company’s success. An employees’ contribution is always recognized and rewarded to make them feel like they are making a real difference. LiquidAgents Healthcare removes the obstacles that prevent employees from doing their best work. The company provides creative and interesting incentives to boost the employee’s work engagement. Additionally, one-on-one time with upper management and C-level executives is encouraged and expected. Recognition is the key to the LiquidAgents’ culture and they are always quick in recognizing and rewarding great performance.
This year, INC magazine released their ‘Best Places To Work’ Awards, wherein Goggle took the #1 spot among large businesses and LiquidAgents was #1 in the midsize category. The company strives to continually provide the best workplace for its employees, exceeding industry standards and expectations.
About the Persistent Serial Entrepreneur
Sheldon Arora serves as the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of LiquidAgents Healthcare. Sheldon is responsible for providing strategic direction, operational expertise, vision, and leadership. Initiative and utmost dedication are just few among many of the leadership attributes that Sheldon possesses. He was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 1997, when he founded IT staffing firm esoftsolutions Inc. After leading esoftsolutions Inc. to become the 52nd Fastest-Growing Company in America on the Inc. 500 list, Arora was ready to start a new venture – this time in healthcare staffing industry. Up until now, Arora has launched and invested in nearly a dozen different healthcare industry businesses. Under his guidance and leadership, LiquidAgents Healthcare has won more than 50 awards on the national, regional and local levels. His vision to change the entire healthcare staffing industry for the better is based on his passion for finding creative solutions to improve quality, reduce cost, and deliver to the bottom line.
Prior to his entrepreneurial plunge, Sheldon has worked for about eight years at Perot Systems Corporation. As the Senior Leader, he played an integral role in Perot Systems’ business development efforts in North America and Europe. Academically, Sheldon holds a BS in Computer Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
Engaged Employees Propels the Company’s Success
LiquidAgents attributes its success to their ambitious employees, who work hard to establish a meaningful relationship with their clients. While healthcare staffing firms are fast-paced, LiquidAgents takes care in understanding each client and moving their career forward intentionally. This yields the most beneficial employee partnership within LiquidAgents. There is formal training, tools, and support at every level to ensure that every employee is successful and, in turn, LiquidAgents maintains a continued success.
“The growth we’ve experienced over the past several years is more than just being in the right place at the right time,” said Sheldon Arora, CEO and Founder of LiquidAgents Healthcare. He continues by saying, “We’ve built a team of smart, motivated and passionate people who come to work every day with a determination to exceed the goals we set for ourselves. It’s an inspiring environment to be immersed in.”
Bridging the Quality Gap with Diligent Employees
LiquidAgents Healthcare sought to fill a quality gap in the industry; fostering this intent diligently, the company has grown exponentially ever since its launch in 2003. Traveling healthcare professionals need a structure to direct the next steps of their career and LiquidAgents provides that clear, organized path that facilitates each new turn.
Traveling nurses lead exciting careers with new adventures all over the country and to be a part of that is an exciting experience. In addition, travelers develop relationships with LiquidAgent’s recruiters that span over the lifetime of their career. The company possesses a truly collaborative team with years of history together that provides the support system to be the very best.
Envisioning Innovation and Improvement
LiquidAgents Healthcare was established with one mission in mind: to place dedicated healthcare professionals into the highest paying jobs available. More than a decade later, that same mission forms the foundation of everything that the company does. The company believes in transparency. “You’ll never have to guess what we’re doing or how we’re doing it. At the end of the day, your satisfaction is our top priority,” asserts the team at LiquidAgents.
Innovation within the industry and a consistent quality of employees both internally and externally, as they staff nurses nationally and even internationally, is their wholesome vision. As the company’s growth continues to propel forward, Sheldon plans to improve and reinvent his existing tools and technologies already in place, making them more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

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