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Lingsik King Limited: Sharing and Spreading Happiness with Snacks

With the sudden ups and downs in the world economy, most industries are struggling to maintain their balance and stability in market but the current scenario suggests that most of the e-commerce companies are managing well to have quite a good position in the industry. Fighting all odds, tackling all challenges of the turbulent economic times, e-commerce companies are aggressively seeking innovative ways to build strategies to be ahead of one another in this competitive race. Some are working on improving the product quality, product packaging, and product delivery services; while others are focusing on introducing new schemes and offers to gather traffic and bring in customers.
Businesses are running after profit shares, after all that’s what people do business for, but there is one such company which is making best efforts to increase the share of profit and working hard to bring-in happiness into the lives of people. With a founding goal to share and spread happiness with snacks, Lingsik King Limited entered into the market scenario. It is a Hong-Kong based e-Commerce Solution Providing Company that is committed towards making people’s lives better with ultra-fast delivery of snacks. It understands the latest trends and demands in the market and is dedicated to bring in the hottest items to the fingertip of their customers. Lingsik endeavors to create the most convenient way for corporate and individual customers to enjoy a variety of snacks through integrated e-platforms of their website and mobile applications.
Innovative and Unconventional Ideas Make a Successful Entrepreneur
Like any other kid, John Pang, the Founder of Lingsik King Limited, enjoyed to munch upon snacks in his childhood days. Growing up in his father’s conventional snacks store, John came up with the idea of sharing and spreading that enjoyment and love for snacks with everyone else in the world. But he soon realized that running a conventional store has become a highly challenging task with its rent increasing in a much higher rate than the profit itself. After observing the hard work his father had to do and the hardships he and his family had to face, John saw the need to change the way the snacks business was being operated.
After finishing his degree on Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Information System and Operations Management, John founded this Hong-Kong based online snacks delivery food chain and e-Commerce enterprise and since then he has strived to ingrain his mark on the map by offering a new and convenient way of shopping snacks.
Delivering High-Quality Products in an Unbelievable Price
Apparently, Lingsik King carries an online business, yet it requires an enormous amount of storage for their rapid growing business and the ever-expanding variety of products. John is always focused on improving the structure of his business and never hesitates to get his hands-upon every task; from sourcing products to strategizing market plans, from printing orders to filling orders. The primary focus on Lingsik King is to deliver quality service and also making joint marketing partnerships with YAHOO, HKTVMALL, and FingerShopping.
Apart from managing the website, Lingsik works with many other media, magazines, and KOLs to promote hot items or limited-edition products and this seems to be their strategy to create buzz for their products and drive traffic towards their website. Lingsik works with a lot of corporate clients and they are provided with office-suited snack boxes and free delivery services to help companies encourage and motivate staff. They say that this is what helps them to retain employee loyalty. To give its customers something more than they can expect, Lingsik King offers its clients with festive-specialty snack boxes to wake them up with a surprise.
What Keeps Lingsik King Ahead of Others?
The online snack selling platform is growing strongly and rapidly while keeping up with the trend to make sure customers never leave their site disappointed. Lingsik King is working day and night to be the trend-setter and always be there to support and cater to their customers’ taste preferences. There are plenty of things, such as these, by which people can easily differentiate Lingsik King and other competitors in the same race.
While most of the retailers or a snack store focuses on snacks and products itself, Lingsik King excels on their service. They are known to provide a platform where customers can find any snacks they want and get them packed and delivered to them in a short period/span of time. They state that the secret behind their success is by creating an atmosphere for sharing and bonding over snacks instead of just filling the tummy, and that is why Lingsik King lays focus not only on office workers but also on gift boxes.
Tackling the Crowd and Making Way Towards Success
This successful e-commerce company shares its view towards making a successful company and advices newcomers to create a product or service that is unique and must make sure that it is targeted to the right market instead of solely focusing on the profits and returns. The company follows a simple ideology, “Get your customers and get them to like you. Make sure they always come back for more.”
Lingsik King is a rapidly growing firm which is expanding its range of services from Japan to Thailand and Korea. They are also expanding their range of products to include more and more healthy snacks and also supplement based snacks for the health-conscious customers.

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