Limejump: Connecting Energy Trade with Big Data

Smart grid technology is emerging as the most exciting new dimension in the power industry. Businesses are switching to innovative smart grid tech solutions because it allows utilities to better control supply, which means businesses can manage their energy use more efficiently, leading to potential savings. The smart grid market anticipates rapid growth in the near future because the worldwide demand for energy from sustainable and distributed resources is increasing. Even power grid modernization processes are benefiting from smart grid tech solutions through reduced transmission and distribution losses. This growing demand has created an excellent opportunity for Limejump to lead the market
An award-winning energy tech company, Limejump has brought a revolutionary new mindset to the energy market. It connects power trading and data abilities with customers that are generating and managing energy assets in energy markets to optimize value throughout the power ecosystem. Limejump manages the largest portfolio of batteries in the United Kingdom and is demonstrating that the virtual power plant is the future of energy.
Redefining the Grid and Management Landscape
Limejump offers a complete asset maximization package that provides disparate energy sources with a route to trading markets. Through big data and innovation, they have created new ways to make it simple to earn revenue while maximizing flexibility.
From Challenges to Success
Limejump was founded in 2013 and it has seen very fast expansion from an initial team of 4 to 50 people today.
Creating a new business model in the face of 80 years of established competitions were a key challenge but Limejump has established its presence as one of the largest ‘new’ energy tech energy companies. It has faced the UK energy industry’s unique set of regulatory issues and red tape. Moreover, the industry has a reputation for not always having its customers’ best interests at heart, and Limejump had to contend with inherent industry distrust as well. Overcoming these challenges, Limejump has been at the forefront of battery technology in the UK since 2016. In addition to this, it is the only UK Company named in Bloomberg’s 2018 New Energy Pioneer Top 10 list.
A Dynamic Leader
Erik Nygard and Ning Zang are the Co-founders of Limejump. Erik is the company’s CEO.
Erik completed his B.Sc. in Finance from the University of San Francisco and his M.Sc. in Energy, Trade & Finance from Cass School in London.
Prior to Limejump, Eric worked for Centrica and British Gas. While working at Centrica, it became clear to him that people didn’t have options they would have liked to be more proactive in electricity management. This realization that there was a definite opportunity to provide a better product for customers was the first step that led to the founding of Limejump.
Erik has led the development of the Limejump Virtual Power Plant concept to create the Future of Energy.
Customer-Oriented Approach
Limejump has a dedicated account management team that customers can contact via phone, email and live chat for general queries, billing questions, and trading advice. A daily market alert is delivered to all customers with the latest trading, pricing, and market analyses.
The bespoke Limejump customer portal provides every client with direct control over their assets and the ability to inform the Limejump trading desk of outages or maintenance requests. It has developed an internal customer satisfaction team that monitors customer feedback, provides insights into customer concerns, and works to develop customer-centric programs to improve customer relations and retention.
Encouraging Industry Change
The UK energy market has been dominated by six legacy energy providers reliant on old carbon-heavy, inflexible, polluting infrastructure. However, Limejump focuses on distributed assets with an emphasis on sustainable energy generation.
It employs the latest technology like machine learning, big data analysis, neural network processing and engineering connectivity. This is complemented by a core team of expert analysts, traders and technologists.
Limejump is able to utilize these resources to connect assets that would normally not have an obvious route to the UK energy grid. Combining these assets to trade in the UK National grid encourages new investment in sustainable energy generation while identifying potential revenue opportunities accessible through tech connectivity.
The company combines the best in human trading ability with billing transparency and excellent customer service to provide optimum benefit to its customers.
The Future of Energy
Limejump is committed to transforming sustainable resources into revenue channels for itscustomers. Through this structure, it leads the technological evolution of the industry to reduce pollutants and unsustainable business models with sustainable resources and encourages renewable generation investment.
Limejump is driven by data, engineered by technology, and powered by a team of committed experts. It demonstrates every day that it truly is the future of energy.
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