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Let Words Build Your New Marketing Strategy

The strength of the influential marketers is in their choice of words along with their ideas of marketing strategy. The different platforms of global interaction demand different styles of usage of a language. A skilled words-player is the winner of the marketing competition and bags a major share of leads in the market.
While selling a product, it is very crucial that the information looks authentic rather than just being authentic. The person who reads any content first judges it for its authenticity. Originality can be proven by various ways few of them being:

  • Make the senior partners leave comments in the comment section for starters
  • Use client publicity by tagging them in posts (#hastagesmartmarketing!)
  • Give a hint of the past success story while promoting the present service

Many a times we encounter content drafting accidents on websites of small and big enterprises. The message is totally misinterpreted by the readers due to the incorrect framing of sentences. Twisting of clauses is fun only if done appropriately. Trying to involve interesting read should not come at the cost of meaning alteration.
Keep it SIMPLE! It’s a myth that only high end vocabulary attracts and engages people. For instance, in a quiz competition initiated at say, Instagram, you want to direct the contestants to the company’s website. Here are a few demonstrations:

  • “Apple are red Violets are blue, visit our page for the next clue!”, and
  • In order to proceed with the game, visit our official website”, or
  • “Visit our website to continue playing…”

Nike | Insights Success
Anyone can guess that the first phrase is the most engaging, attractive and playful. While the other two convey the same message, the first verse adds a little spice to the game spirit of the participant further encouraging their involvement in your future initiatives.
To build a strong platform for the business, keenly studying the marketing strategy is imperative. It comes without saying; smart words are more yielding than plenty of words.
Have a glance at the following tag lines.

  • Coke – Open Happiness
  • Nike – Just Do It
  • Lay’s – Betcha can’t eat just one
  • Apple – Think Different
  • McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It
  • L’Oréal – Because You’re Worth It
  • BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine

These are the high performing brands in their respective categories and hence withstand as a proof to the fact that words are capable of creating niche in the market. Channel the power of taglines and slogans to the other highly effective marketing strategies and be ready for the breakthrough!
Worth of Mouth Marketing | Insights Success
Successful businesses are palpable because of the conduct of the marketing and sales team, and not to forget the significantly major contribution of its customers. It is righteous to express gratitude towards your surf buds as much as is to the official clients. Hence, keep the comment sections on all the web pages, customer services mails, phone calls a two-way communication instead of having high expectations of poetry-&-praises from the viewers and users.
Focus on earning customers rather than earning profit (not that you completely ignore the latter!). In the long run, the amount of loyal customers that you developed will determine the value of the firm and its future scope.
Reviews of the regular customers impact the company’s market in two ways. One, they create a positive word about your product which is also known as ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’ (or in short, mouth publicity). Second, feedback from faithful customers is pivotal to the progress since you can actually imply the changes suggested.
Now as these two things operate on social sites, the entire world has access to read it. The expressions that you use to respond to these genuine comments or compliments, validates the transparency and integrity of your business services and yourself.
Having nice numbers on the spreadsheets is certainly important, but if you understand the wonders that customer build-up can do, you will understand that profits are just byproducts.
So, use the Magic of Words and win the world!
– Namita Patil

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