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Leshinsky Finance: Helping Businesses Reach Optimal Financial Performance

For any business to attain any amount of success, an efficient money management system is of utmost importance. Companies with slipshod financial planning and cost tracking inefficiencies succumb into cash-flow problems and mismanaged finances, causing irredeemable instances of business failure. Being aware of such pitfalls and taking necessary solutions to manage the same are pivotal for a business to maximize its chances of achieving success.
With its impeccable understanding of the significance of strategic and financial planning during all phases of the business cycle, Lehinsky Finance stands tall with its salvaging solutions and services. The company’s services eliminate the burden and frustration of operation and financial uncertainty from shoulders of the business owners, and allow management to concentrate primarily upon their business. Some of its recent projects include a partnership with Union Box Company for the Pontiac Mills Development, creating a fully comprehensible and dynamic financial model for Isle Brewers Guild, and many more.
A Leader Who Loves Numbers
Michael Leshinsky, President of Leshinsky Finance, has an MBA from Providence College with a concentration in Finance – Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis. He also has a certificate from Boston University in valuations, real estate financing, and underwriting.
However, Michael believes his real knowledge comes from his work and personal experiences. Michael has bought and sold numerous businesses over the years and has acquired a sizable real estate holding. He is also on the board of directors of the Providence Apartment Association and the treasurer for the nonprofit organization, Apeiron Institute.
Michael consults and advises businesses of all types and sizes so that the companies can achieve optimal performance. Michael has a love for numbers and a passion for financial modeling, creating projections and statements, and calculating valuations.
Services that Provide Most Valuable Discipline
Leshinsky Finance provides the most valuable discipline – managing money through the most efficient way possible. Finding the optimal solution within a feasible region, it raises capital and the lowest cost of capital.
Bookkeeping & Accounting Systems
Sound accounting principles are the cornerstone for every successful business. For analyzing business review and performance, it is critical to keep an accurate and timely record. Since it is the only intelligent way for good business decisions; Leshinsky Finance takes your task of handling the bookkeeping thereby allowing you to operate your business. Its bookkeeping and accounting systems solutions include Construction Accounting, Internal Controls, Conversion Cash to Accrual, Routinely Financial Statement Review, and Construct Appropriate Chart of Accounts.
Financial Analysis
Ours is a fast paced and ultra-competitive business world where keeping a watchful eye on every asset, liability, revenue, and expense line item has become literally impossible for the company. Leshinsky Finance specializes in cutting edge analytical review and risk assessment of every element of your business. By providing a watchful eye with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly analysis and review of your business, Leshinsky Finance enables you to remain focused on growing and operating your company. Its financial analysis solutions include Analytical Reviews, Risk Assessment, Monthly Reconciliations and Monitoring.
Business Models
Leshinsky Finance provides client-unique-service for both individuals and company needs, which include Financial Modeling, Financial Consulting, Forecasting, Key Financial Ratios, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations, Capital Raises and Sale of Business.
Real Estate Investing
Properly done Real Estate Investing with the correct due diligence process can surely provide a great source of wealth creation with handsome returns, inexperienced real estate investors, and poor decisions, however, result in lost fortunes. Leshinsky Finance has the real estate experience needed for any size project and scope of work. The solutions include Tax Credits, Federal and State Incentives, Securing Debt, Pro Forma, Valuations, IRR, Purchasing, Selling, Conceptualizing and After-tax Analyses.
Using the most current mathematical techniques today, Leshinsky Finance enables you to calculate values of all assets. It advises on mergers and acquisitions, ensuring correct selling price, purchase price, and how and when to act. The solutions are Derivatives, Fixed Income, Business Valuations, Real estate, Alternative Investment, and Bonds and Securities.
Leshinsky Finance follows the “Modern Portfolio Theory” which is the most practiced approach to asset management. It creates an efficient portfolio that is the optimal solution within a feasible region while analyzing correlations, variances, and standard deviations. With precise confidence, it can calculate expected returns relative to risk. Portfolio Review and Suggested Re-allocation of Assets are investing solutions from Leshinsky Finance.
Apart from these, the firm offers a variety of services ranging from full blown audits all the way down to a basic review. It specializes in basic individual tax work and basic partnership returns as well.
Resilience has been the Key
Since its formation in 2014, the journey has been long and a bit difficult. Started from scratch, the journey came with heart aches, mistakes, sleepless nights, but Michael never gave up, and it’s the reason they are here today. They have always believed in the traditional business plan with a mission statement, strategy, goals, policies, etc. Providing a comfortable work hard fun work environment has been of utmost importance to us.
When asked to advise young entrepreneurs, Michael answers, “Hard work, not giving up, trying our best every day, doing the right thing, giving back, being socially responsible, not only thinking about the bottom line, but what is best for everyone and the neighboring people affected by what we do.
Looking into the future Michael expects Leshinsky Finance to double in size up to 20 some employees every year. He also envisions being involved in mayor redevelopment and social responsibility in the State.

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