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Leading Cardiovascular Healthcare Solution Provider Raises $12 Million

Hello Heart, a cardiovascular healthcare solution company has currently raised $12 million with Khosla Ventures and its previous backer Blue Run Ventures in participation. According to the company, it has raised the amount in order to expand its products and offer more preventative treatments that will control long-term expenses
By analyzing the early monitoring received from an ‘at-home sensing system’, that tracks blood pressure and an  integrated smart phone application which provides prompts on behaviors to control blood pressure, Hello Heart tackles high blood pressure and heart disease.
The organization stores its patients data in an anonymized and randomized manner in order to share information on population health. “Hello Heart did not sell any data to third parties”, Mayaan Cohen, the Founder and CEO of Hello Heart, said in an interview.
As per the retrospective study conducted by researchers at UCLA and Harvard Medical School, 70% users of Hello Heart managed to reduce their blood pressure on an average of 22mmHg.
Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, a faculty researcher at Harvard medical school and the chief medical and innovation officer of Sheba medical center states, “Delivering clinical outcomes at the scale of population health requires strong patient engagement across a variety of patient types. Hello Heart’s ability to drive engagement is what led to these unprecedented results.”
The American Heart Association has reported that 46% of US adults are suffering from hypertension and approximately 800,000 individuals die every year due to the complications of cardiovascular disease.
With an analysis on such statistics along with the personal experience, Maayan tells about her plans to change the happenings around with the help of latest technology. “Our mission is to empower patients to understand and improve their health, and we’re very proud to be able to help them do it so effectively in heart health” she states.