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Be a Leader, And Not just a Regular Boss

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” said one of the most celebrated American author, speaker and pastor, John C. Maxwell.
Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes numerous sleepless nights, enormous dedication, utmost sincerity, and colossal effort. It is almost impossible for one to achieve success alone; it comes through a team effort. The one who plays the critical role in forming a successful team is a good leader. And, a leader leads, helps, cooperates and guides his/her team and not just bosses around his/her team subordinates. A leader is not born; one has to acquire the necessary skills to be one. They not only just lead others but also inspire them through their influence and skills.
A team follows its leader. Each one of its members admires that one person. They trusts and respect their leader, rather than what they say or do. Their unparalleled work ethic, strong determination to win over any challenge and their ability to communicate is what inspire others to follow. It’s easy to boss around people, but it’s challenging to win other’s hearts and get the tasks done by them.
Let the World Speak, Build up Your Listening Skills
Everybody wants to speak. And, if everyone is speaking and then there ought to be at least someone listening. And, if everybody is screaming and nobody is listening, the outcome will be nothing but chaos. Bossing around the employees is definitely not a crime, but that is not how they want to be treated. If one’s task is accomplished by using kind behavior and polite words, there seems no necessity of commanding things and losing the respect.
People want to communicate. They want to interact, so, it’s time you start listening to them. You never know, they might give you an incredible idea which can stand out to be a turning point in your business. An entrepreneur can even pick up a topic and let its team give opinion on that. This will not only make the employees feel important for the organization, but will also build up a happier and more productive environment in the office. Commanding a task is easy, but when one teaches and guides his/her team to accomplish that, it ensures a faster completion of the task with better outcome.
Hire Better and Build a Team That Will Drive You Longer
One can be a good leader, but without a good team, his/her leadership skills are of no use. Whether you are a manager or the CEO of the company, you must always keep in mind the future of the company. While hiring new employees for the company, you must always look for candidates who suits the company’s working pattern and also its culture and not just specifically good at hard skills that are necessary for filling up the job role.
The experts of the industry say that though this was not considered while conducting hiring processes in the previous years, this has now become the trend. Not only trend, hiring people who can match their mentality and frequency along with the company, has been an effective way tactic to be successful in this stiff competitive business world. Nowadays, social media, especially LinkedIn plays a very critical role in the hiring process. The world-class MNCs are now focusing on the employer’s ratings while hiring an employee.
Build Leaders to Lead Your Teams
With the growth in the number of employees in the company, it slowly becomes difficult for a single leader to look after every minute thing and lead the entire company. There comes the necessity of leaders in the lower levels, so that the manager or the CEO of the company can get all the necessary updates from the leaders he/she has created. Moreover, a strong leader is the one who knows when it’s time to monitor things from behind and let others shine. Empowering others gives them the significant fuel that is essential for them to take responsibilities seriously and work more productivity.
Positivity Energy Plays a Significant Role in Building up Productivity
You are the leader, you must believe that. You are the one who decides what should be the color of your office walls be, what air freshener should be bought for your office, what should be the dress code of your office or what kind of energy should drive you and your employees. Creating an environment which is filled with positivity is not an easy task, but it is not impossible to.
There are three magical words which can really make miracles and they are, “Sorry”, “Thank You” and “Please”. If any of your employees has done something exceptional which is beneficial for your company, you must never hesitate to express your gratitude. We are all humans, and we are bound to make mistakes, no matter what role we do play in our lives. And, it always makes us feel better after saying “Sorry” to someone whom we have done wrong. Brave people never stay back to accept their mistakes and rectify that. So, if positive energy can bring us with what we want to achieve, then why not imply that in our workplaces.
You must always know that if you are doing something great, you will always be criticized. Always welcome criticism and take them all in the most positive way as criticism is the only thing which is going to construct your career, build your future and make you strong. Let all employees take part in the group activities, let them share their opinions and bring in new thoughts, after all a new makeover is always a change which bring in a good change of air.
Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine.” – Chris Hadfield, a famous Canadian Astronaut.