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Layer Seven Security: A Cutting Edge Cyber Security Partner

Layer Seven Security is a leading cybersecurity company in the 10 Best Performing SAP Solution Providers for 2018. The SAP partner offers a unique and innovative approach to securing business-critical SAP systems against cyber threats.
Protecting SAP systems from cyber attacks is a growing concern. According to a ground-breaking study by the Ponemon Institute, 65% of organizations have experienced security breaches in their SAP systems. The average cost of an SAP breach is $4.5M and 92% of organizations rate the impact of a breach within their SAP systems as serious or catastrophic.
Layer Seven Security enable SAP customers to combat this threat by leveraging a monitoring platform found in most landscapes: SAP Solution Manager.  The organization extends the capabilities of Solution Manager to deliver leading-edge vulnerability management, patch management, threat detection and incident response without requiring customers to license and install complex and expensive new platforms. The savvy approach minimizes the impact on monitored systems by utilizing pre-existing agents and connections. This leads to lower licensing and maintenance costs and faster deployment times compared to alternative approaches. The approach also reduces the dependency on third party software providers since Solution Manager is maintained and supported directly by SAP.
Raising the Bar for SAP Cybersecurity Solutions
Layer Seven Security has become an innovative force in the SAP cybersecurity industry. In addition to the cybersecurity extension for SAP Solution Manager, the company combines native logging functions in SAP systems with the monitoring capabilities of Solution Manager to automatically detect breaches of sensitive data in SAP systems. This includes personally identifiable information protected by the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Layer Seven Security has experienced extraordinary levels of year-on-year growth and benefits from a prestigious client base that includes many of the world’s leading companies across all industries. The prospect of implementing industry-leading and cost-effective cybersecurity protection for SAP systems by drawing upon existing infrastructure resonates strongly with both technical teams and decision-makers.