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Rob Toker | CEO | Lantha Sensors

Lantha Sensors: Analysis Simplified

Breaking the decades-old conventional methods to offer the most straightforward solutions to complex problems, Lantha Sensors was founded by a team of world-class businesspeople, scientists, and technologists. Since its initiation, the company has been making massive strides of transformative shifts, changing the adapted perception of the chemical tech industry.

Bringing over twenty years of startup commercialization experience, Rob Toker leads Lantha Sensors as the CEO. He also dawns the hat of Chairman of the Board. Over the years, Rob has garnered various expertise ranging from venture capital, private equity, devices, industrial and chemical markets.

The Sensor Synopsis

Combined with a true passion for simplifying the complex, Lantha Sensors strives to be the leading portable chemical analysis company that merges unparalleled simplicity, speed, and accuracy to provide the best possible solutions for chemical detection and measurement processes. Everything Lantha Sensors does, every decision it makes is based on its passion. It believes that simply because something has been done one way for more than 80 years doesn’t mean it’s the best. It just means no one has taken the time to rethink the process.

Lantha Sensors’ mission is to revolutionize the entire chemical analysis industry via disruptive innovation and product development and become the world’s leading trace chemical detection and measurement company.

Offering Unmatched Services

Rob states that the LanthaLux platform is the flagship product. It uses a proprietary application of metal-organic frameworks, with the ability to generate a sizeable analytical response from a small amount of sample, to provide on-the-fly moisture and isotopic purity analysis quickly, easily, and accurately.

LanthaLux platform displaces the need for expensive Karl Fischer Titrators and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in specific cases. It secures the same results as these techniques, but costs a fraction of those per test, producing zero toxic waste, allowing these analyses to be done in the lab or field setting, and generating results in less than five minutes. LanthaLux is a lab in your pocket.

Why Lantha Sensors?

In its pursuit of being the best, Lantha Sensors came up with a solution that hits the perfect triumvirate of the tech-perfect storm – better, faster, cheaper. Rob asserts that as the digital camera replaced the photo lab, the company’s platform will replace much of the legacy and outdated equipment needed today for chemical analysis. He says, “If you really think about anyone who’s been stuck using Karl Fischer titrators, or in some specific applications with NMR, GC or FT-IR for their testing, our solution can save them thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars per company.”

What makes Lantha Sensors a preferred choice over the competition is that it carries out roughly 10,000 isotopic purity tests per year, saving upwards of $4M every year just in testing costs alone. However, that doesn’t even begin to touch the opportunity costs associated with longer testing times with legacy technologies, inaccurate testing problems, or the inability to test in the field.

Rob expresses that when you have truly disruptive new technology, it means it’s better than the legacy technology in not just one or two ways. However, in every single aspect, you change an entire industry and help make people’s lives using it better.

Laying Foundation to Assist Community

Apart from its core operations, being a startup company, Lantha Sensors intends to focus on building its business to build up a strong community. Rob expresses that, “Startups that succeed create wealth for the communities around them. Good paying jobs, internships, indirect support of service sector jobs, etc. Over time, on the other side of commercial success, we expect to have a proper community affairs program.”

Looking Forward

Industrial innovation and chemical tech specifically are accelerating from sensors to integration, IoT, AI, and predictive analytics – technology is taking hold in an industry that deploys vast amounts of technology. Rob notes that Hardtech, Deeptech by definition, requires technical depth to bring to market; the chemical industry has a long history of doing hard things, not just moving bits and electrons but also molecules.

Over The Horizon

Speaking about the future, Rob mentions that Lantha has excellent long-term potential. Being a platform company – it can extend and deepen its technology into a range of markets and use cases. Rob says, “A good example of what success looks like is Thermo Fisher or even National Instruments – using human creativity to increase efficiencies and in some instances to make the previously impossible – possible.”