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Lanrex: Providing Business Solutions Backed by advanced Information Technology

Businesses are moving away from traditional methods to more technologically advanced means to be on par with the global changes that are transforming industries, and Information Technology solutions are the way to go about it. Companies are lining up tech solution agencies to plow through the dense uprising of new and innovative technologies to facilitate growth and transformation in their respective industries. In fact, it has become a necessary denominator for any organization to have an IT support company assisting them to navigate in this digitized world.
Lanrex is an outsourced IT department, catering to clients to ensure they get the most out of their IT services, software, and functions. Lanrex believes that technology isn’t just a definitive component of business anymore and that it should be in accordance with the business strategy and goals of the company. To get the best out of technology and make it work for their clients, Lanrex works to interpret their business, their goals, and their perception towards the future of the organization. Technology should be compatible, current and convenient for the user. In today’s workforce, mobility is important and Lanrex can facilitate the implementation of a mobile office by setting up digital workspaces that will allow the staff to work remotely, by leveraging cloud computing enabling businesses to store their data offline to better manage documents and scale up their file storage.
Lanrex provides business solutions in Digital Workspaces, Integration, Cloud Infrastructure as well as Security and Compliance. Lanrex helps businesses migrate to cloud computing, resulting in clients reducing costs, increasing productivity and a more agile environment.
In some instances, the IT solutions can be used to create a ‘hybrid’ environment by combining cloud hosting with onsite storage to create a consolidated solution that works for the business.
Lanrex provides security and compliance for their client’s to protect them from potentially fatal attacks of hackers, malwares and viruses. They protect online infrastructure against email threats and defend cloud data to reduce the risk of data loss and downtime, resulting in lost sales, productivity and revenue. Lanrex also provides backup and disaster recovery for all minor and major events whether they are hardware or software failures.
Lanrex include strategic business analysis, consulting and project management in their services which are backed by comprehensive customer support. Their Assistance team (managed services) responds to customer issues and the Optimization team (project services) which anticipates future issues and suggests improvements to ensure continuous and enhanced operations with the agility to adapt to market changes.
Lanrex has worked with diverse small and medium sized businesses from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Papua New Guinea for many years. Even though these companies belong to different industries with specific applications and systems, Lanrex continue to be successful in supporting them by following a high level of network engineering standards and an understanding of current and emerging technology.
Understanding client’s needs
Jodie Korber, Managing Director of Lanrex, has been in the technology industry since 1996. Jodie was initially a consultant at Lanrex. In 1999 she became the operations manager, where she began managing significant projects for clients including the Commonwealth Bank, before taking over as MD in 2009.
It is this kind of experience and knowledge that she uses to assess a business and develop a strategy leading Lanrex’s clients to success. Jodie is a real people person; she is approachable, easy to talk to and will always be honest. She meets with clients personally to gain a deep understanding of the client’s needs and accordingly work with her team to remedy their problems.
Jodie understands and accepts that technology is the common theme in any business. Every situation is unique and therefore each situation requires a unique solution.
Business Diagnostic to help Clients
It all starts with Lanrex’s 4 Stage Business Diagnostic where they help the clients to better understand where technology can be connected to their business strategy. Once the client is clear on the selected strategy, Lanrex then analyzes the existing structure against industry best practices. The next step involves in developing a plan right for the client’s business.
This process involves working with clients to gain a clear understanding of their business strategy, completing employee engagement survey’s, facilitating an audit of existing infrastructure against industry best practice to develop a plan that’s right for their business.
Lanrex connects business with the technology they need to get ahead. And this all comes down to finding the right fit. This proven 4 Stage Business Diagnostic Provides a detailed insight into the current business, highlights pain points and provides solutions.
Four Core Values to live up to
Lanrex believes in four core values and shares their stories through Enterprise Social Networking (ESN). These core values are innovation, challenging the status quo, a great customer experience and being great by choice. Lanrex believes that there are opportunities to innovate and develop in every field, from sales to operations and product development, which is a good thing. They prefer to adhere to their clients with an understanding that “the client don’t know what they don’t know.” It’s their job to provide them with the best possible solutions that will work for the client’s business. The company strives on to give their clients the best customer service. And in the process, they are trying to achieve greatness while doing a bit towards it every day.
With a great customer service experience, Lanrex is relying on their customers to stick with them for years to come. The company is counting on their 4 stage business diagnostic strategy to help clients achieve the best results, even if it means to look beyond their own toolkit to get the best systems to accomplish it.