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Labster: Empowering the Next Generation of Scientists to Change the World

One of the major challenges within the education sector today is the lack of adoption of new education technology in the classroom. This is despite the vast amount of edtech available, and the need for leveraging these to improve processes and ease much of the work done by faculty and staff. A reason for the lack of adoption is that shifting to new teaching tools requires a significant time investment as well as coaching and training for school faculty and lecturers. To solve this, the innovative edtech company Labster acts as a partner and enabler for the institutions. The company provides high-quality training sessions and guided onboarding assistance to help teachers and institutions adopt the new edtech tools that they provide. This means that beyond providing great education tools for teachers, Labster also aims to be a trusted advisor, helping institutions implement the online science education tools and empowering the educators to get the full benefits of education technology in their classroom.
Simplifying Education with Simulations
Labster creates virtual lab simulations that enable science students around the world to experiment in their very own million-dollar lab, at a fraction of the cost. A virtual lab simulation includes true-to-life missions for students to complete, highlighting the connection between science and the real world. The simulations have 3D animations, quizzes and theory, helping students solidify their understanding of difficult concepts. Unlike in a real lab, it is possible to speed up time to see the results of experiments faster, go back in time to correct mistakes, repeat experiments as many times as needed, and much more. All of this makes Labster’s simulations a fun, engaging and effective way of learning science.
E-learning tools like Labster can empower teachers to become more effective and increase their impact while reducing their workload over time. Labster provides a suite of tools and training to enable institutions to do everything from preparing students better for the online lab exercises to taking entire degrees online. Because each institution has different needs depending on their capacity and availability of online labs, Labster tailors solutions to each individual institution and lecturer’s needs.
Labster’s virtual lab simulations are used by high school and university students around the world. Their 70+ simulations cover core science topics within STEM fields, including biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.
Improving the Learning Experience with Advanced Technology
To ensure a close fit with current educators’ needs, Labster puts much effort into collaborating and communicating with teachers before, during and after they use Labster’s simulations. Similarly, the company organizes many focus groups with students to understand their needs and wishes for a better and more engaging science education. This allows Labster to design engaging, fun and highly interactive 3D learning simulations that both students and teachers really love. Labster also integrates popular pedagogies with an evidence-based approach to increase learning outcomes while maintaining high student engagement.
Delivering Innovative E-learning Solutions
Labster works closely with several experts, professors and researchers within Psychology, Learning Sciences and Computer Science to ensure that the company is not only up-to-date with the latest technologies, but also take an evidence-based approach to adopting new technologies. It is very important for Labster that technology is not added for the sake of technology, but that it is driven by core needs and positive impact on students and teachers that can be measured and demonstrated through scientific research.
Extraordinary Benefits from Labster Solutions
Labster is a cross-platform company. Past companies and most competing simulations-based technology companies today are stuck with one platform, making it very difficult for them to innovate when new hardware platforms, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, arrive. Flash technology is a good example of this: Many institutions today use education tools that require Flash technology which is slowly being paced out. Labster, on the other hand, has developed a simulation learning platform technology with a standardized cross-platform approach that enables all their learning tools to work in browsers, virtual reality headsets, as well as on tablets and mobile phones and other future technologies. This provides significant value to the teachers, because they can adopt the new technology at their own pace, starting with browser-based simulations and, with time, offering Virtual Reality to their students as they get comfortable with the new learning technology in the classroom.
Future Roadmap of Labster
Based on the needs of users, Labster is working on enabling institutions to offer their science degrees online. This is a major new initiative; Labster is now working with leading institutions around the world to further develop these online programs. The company is looking for additional partner institutions to work with, who want to bring their science degrees online as well, so that they can offer their students new ways of acquiring their science degrees. The aim of this is to make it possible for more students to take a science degree, despite any time constraints, financial limits or their geographical location.
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