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The IoT is growing each day, and the possibilities and number of connected things have increased more rapidly than ever before. However, so as to facilitate truly interactive situations with data, we will need a new kind of technology. The Bluetooth beacon is the emerging micro-location technology in the town that bridges the offline and the online by collecting data about a real-world environment and enabling various applications to trigger contextual events.  Having many uses beyond simple proximity-based marketing that include indoor navigation and points of interest, or more industrial use-cases, such as tracking the movement of items stored in a warehouse, beacons is the leading-edge technology making its way through the digital waves.
Founded in 2013 to help the visually impaired easily navigate public spaces and experience the world better, has been building out a full beacon platform to take advantage of these opportunities. Since its inception, much has changed in the industry and the company, except their mission – to digitalize the physical world by giving you the tools that get your problems solved faster by providing you with world-class beacon hardware and software. As the world’s biggest beacon provider with 17,000 customers in over 120 countries all around the globe, designs products which deeply integrate into your solution to enable you to build, scale, and succeed—seamlessly.
Bringing Interactivity to Everyday Apps and Corporate was founded when they were looking for answers to a problem: how do you help the visually impaired navigate a space? And the answer they got was beacons. Once incorporated, started growing with every challenge and opportunity. From small museums to sizeable hospitals and international airports, started raising expectations about mobile, connectivity, and location data and they are doing it with pride. A significant amount of time has passed since then which has enabled them to bring interactivity to everyday apps and corporate, industrial deployments alike through Bluetooth tags and related tools. They know Bluetooth beacons will be the cornerstone of a smart, IoT-connected world, and thus they are working continuously and relentlessly to translate innovation into lucrative solutions and opportunities for all verticals. provides Bluetooth beacons and infrastructure management tools that help businesses build context-rich applications to improve customer experience. On top of that, they provide the technology needed to optimize resources and get more out of assets and real-time location systems.’s Bluetooth tags, Gateway, and Location Engine provide location information, laying the foundation for industrial applications that improve operations, security, and compliance. These tools will power new solutions and success in next-gen IoT.
A Strong Believer of Internet of Things
As a strong advocate of the Internet of Things and future-friendly technology, Szymon Niemczura, Co-founder and CEO of always considers not only the good of his company, but also the good of the market. Most of all, he believes in putting the customer first. He graduated in Business Management & Financial Management from National Louis University.
When it comes to business, Szymon always looks for new challenges that bring a fundamental improvement in the space. Personally, he is a tinkerer and maker even using his own beacons to power unexpected solutions like a smart home coal heating system. For Szymon, it is fundamental to find not only the right tools and hardware but also the right team with the right expertise.
Power, Plan and Maintain
Beacon solutions are unique, and more than that they can be applied to many different cases and verticals. understands this, and thus, they work with solution providers to power, plan, and maintain infrastructures of all kinds. At, they don’t want to just make good beacons, but instead the right ones. That’s why the team works hard to understand customer needs and pain points to deliver the exact, perfect hardware and services for the job. Instead of just selling hardware, the team shares their whole package of expertise and real-world knowledge openly.
“If you’re a maker or engineer and you want to play around with the technology, we’ll provide you with all the information you need. If you’re a large, established company or new solution provider, our team works with you to illuminate and tackle your specific pain points. Oftentimes businesses want beacons just because they look cool and there is little real meat to the deployment plan. We help fix that,” shares confident Szymon.
Looking Above and Beyond the Future
With the addition of new technologies, comes new challenges and capabilities, but going beyond, sees new needs in terms of everything from data storage to education. There is also a growing need for proof that these new technologies work and the team believes that it’s going to be crucial to get cutting-edge tools in the hands of the average business. The team is very excited about what’s happening in the beacon space because the industry now realizes its biggest use cases aren’t only in retail but asset tracking and RTLS. “Industrial markets are growing and we’re making calculated decisions to not just be part of that shift but to drive it home. We believe this shift to Bluetooth can and will succeed. Of course, this isn’t so different from what we’ve been doing all along. The difference will be in the scale and the way we think about beacons,” concludes Szymon.

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