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KMC Controls: 50 Years of Intuitive Innovation

For nearly 50 years, KMC Controls has helped facilities achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and indoor environment quality by automating building control systems. Located in New Paris, Indiana, the company is an independent American manufacturer of building automation solutions which works with system integrators, system distributors, and OEM partners.
KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control for everything from secure hardware devices to smart and connected software. KMC has teamed up with leading technology providers to deliver innovative and intuitive solutions that help its customers increase operating efficiency, optimize energy usage, maximize comfort, and improve safety.
Uniting Building Systems across Networks, Protocols and Locations 
KMC Commander is an IoT solution which began as a vision to unite building systems across networks, protocols, and locations on a single, web-based mobile platform. Committed to making the solution truly open, affordably scalable and as secure as possible, KMC set out with tech leaders Intel and Dell to promote IoT and prove that collaboration is the only way to be successful when approaching this new connected concept.
After KMC worked with Dell on what to include in an IoT gateway, the 3000 and 5000 series Edge Gateways, with Intel inside, were born. KMC itself developed the cloud platform that would drive the solution and finally make IoT a real possibility.
Leading from the Front 
Richard Newberry is the CEO of KMC Controls. Richard was formerly the President of the company and has led its corporate development, new product innovation, and competitive strategy since 2014.
With more than 30 years of executive and general management experience in the energy, oil and gas, technology, manufacturing, and building automation segments, he embraces a ‘total solution’ view to guiding innovation and forging strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology firms.
Richard currently leads KMC’s collaboration with Silicon Valley tech giants aimed at developing a revolutionary solution for connecting building automation systems to IoT.
Innovative and Intuitive Solutions from Responsible People 
The KMC advantage can be found in the company’s mission statement: Innovative and intuitive solutions from responsible and supportive people.
The organization develops products that are completely customer-focused using state-of-the-art technology. KMC interacts closely with its clients at the development stage and this helps it understand their needs, and then design solutions that are easy to purchase, install and use. However, their customer commitment doesn’t end here; KMC products are backed by a knowledgeable support team that ensures their successful implementation and use. When KMC Controls was first established, it specialized in pneumatic HVAC controls for the OEM market. Over time, the company became an industry visionary, looking for voids in product and service delivery, and developing and building on new technologies to fill these needs.
This led to the expansion of the KMC line, with the addition of products like digital controls in the 1980s and configuration software in the 1990s.
There are always struggles along the way, but one of the biggest is swimming against the tide of complacency. In an industry that is historically slow to adopt new technology, demonstrating and convincing others of the coming digital transformation was initially a challenge.
While there is still work to be done, the conversation has undeniably changed from persuasion to demonstration, and KMC’s leadership finds the potential incredibly exciting.
Meeting the Needs of the Hour, and of the Future
Building systems have grown more unwieldy and disparate, while also growing smarter and more technically advanced. KMC Commander brings them all together.
CIOs and IT directors are increasingly being made responsible for these systems, and their expectations of IT capabilities are often higher than what is possible. KMC Commander makes IT integrations possible, a move which allows IT departments to be more comfortable with taking OT systems under their wing. Whether it’s the built-in security at the physical and cloud layers or the cellular capable gateway, IT and OT professionals alike see huge potential for their clients here.
KMC Controls’ focus has historically been the OT channel of Systems Integrators and OEM customers, primarily focused on HVAC solutions. However, it expects to see enormous growth in a number of other channels in the near future, and plans to leverage them, too.
The organization also expects the market for IT managed service providers and CIO/IT Directors for midsized enterprises to grow dramatically, easily doubling current customer and revenue projections. KMC Controls is thrilled with what the future holds, and is excited to experience this growth with customers and partners alike.
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