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Keyideas : Your Single Source of Technology Solution Provider

Keyideas provides business advantages as per the requirements of the customers by creating, enhancing & maintaining the applications that powers the client’s business, empowers their people & captivates their customers. In this mobility-driven world, market & employees expects a great mobile solution. Keyideas – a high-performance offshore partner, works with you to align your mobile application with your strategy & success.
As Keyideas’ founder & CEO, Shreyes Kejariwal is responsible for company’s day-to-day operations, building partnerships as well as leading the company’s software development & marketing strategy. Shreyes incorporated the company in 2009, holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Mumbai, India and a master’s degree in computer engineering from Syracuse University, NY USA.
The company delivers services & solutions and frameworks that has been assembled to fit individual needs and saves its clients cost investments on its application development. They are specialized in the areas like: Mobile Application development, Web Development, e-commerce & website portal Development. A Keyideas solution help their customers to stay ahead, connect better and assures that the solutions contribute to their clients’ strategic objectives whenever they implement for them.
Together they make a difference
Shreyes with clear visions in his mind specifies that he wants Keyideas to be the leading IT Services Provider Company and wants to take the company to the new levels of success in various fields. “As for now everyone is aware that it is no good in having great functionality in an app if it’s not designed great. Interactive design plays a huge & vital role in mobile apps. We heavily invest with our customers to ensure user experience & brand elements which drives end-user engagement for applications” Shreyes added and these words made him motivated to carry on the role.
With Focusing on quality, have resided solution to over 500+ customers and created 245+ mobile and 570+ web apps. Apart from New Delhi, they have opened another development center in Ahmedabad that helped them in minimizing cost. Also they have developed some of the most useful apps in Travel & Music category to get attention from Indian users which together has clocked over 10,00,000 downloads on app stores. Everything that is offered by them goes through a testing process and then to customers. Hence, Keyideas provides utility & solves many challenges that makes them different from others.
Qualified team overcomes the challenges
“For every startup to be successful, it requires three things to be their forte grounds: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and involving as little money as possible. As one of them, we faced challenges based on these grounds and in very short span of time were to get rid from them and now, established with 80+ well qualified team members who delivers great quality solutions to customers by imposing less cost” Shreyes stated.
Roadmap of the company
Keyideas – an award-winning company with visionary solutions bridges gap between quality & customer which comes from all-in-one experience with strict adherence to high quality & time. Its aiming to be a top mobile app development company in India and serving customers throughout the globe.
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