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Kartik Shah

Kartik Shah: Empowering Global Physiotherapy Professionals through In2Canada

Revolutionizing Licensing Process for International Physiotherapists!

Starting a new journey overseas can be both exciting and daunting. It brings with it a plethora of new experiences, challenges, and opportunities. This is especially true for aspirant immigrants trying to navigate the distinctions of a new culture, country, and education system.

In the case of Dr. Kartik, the road to success was far from easy. Driven by personal struggles and a determination to make a difference, Kartik Shah, Founder Director Trainer of In2Canada, has embarked on a remarkable journey to revolutionize the process of physiotherapy licensing for international professionals. His vision has not only transformed the lives of countless aspiring physiotherapists but has also created a global revolution in the field of education.

He embarked on his journey as an immigrant in Canada, facing the daunting challenge of adapting to a new culture, country, and education system. He soon discovered that achieving success in his desired field of physiotherapy was a demanding and challenging task. Despite studying hard and taking on part-time jobs, he was disheartened by the lack of progress. The intricacies of comprehending the physiotherapy licensing regulations in Canada and the lengthy processes involved took a toll on his aspirations.

After experiencing failures in the written component and facing difficulties in the practical examinations, Kartik had an epiphany. As he contemplated the idea of finishing all the licensing procedures in his country of origin, he realized that doing so would not only make the journey easier but would also remove the need for odd jobs to make ends meet. Kartik came to a firm decision in 2017, recognizing the importance of founding a platform for foreign physiotherapists to obtain extensive support in becoming licensed practitioners in Canada. And all of this could be achieved from the comfort of their own countries.

With his unwavering determination, Kartik brought his vision to life through In2Canada. It all began with a modest concept to aid a few physiotherapists in India, but it soon evolved into a worldwide educational revolution. In2Canada emerged as a platform that not only granted access to crucial resources but also offered direction and assistance throughout the licensing process. Now, foreign physiotherapists can get ready for licensing tests, obtain study materials, and acquire mentorship from seasoned experts, all from a distance.

In2Canada, spearheaded by Kartik Shah, has had an exceptional impact in the realm of physiotherapy. The platform offers unparalleled support and guidance to physiotherapists worldwide, helping them surmount geographical barriers and attain licensure in Canada. This revolutionary initiative has enabled numerous individuals to achieve their professional aspirations, with far-reaching effects that extend beyond their personal lives. Their success has rippled out to benefit their communities and contribute to the global healthcare landscape.

Let us further explore the prodigious odyssey of Kartik Shah!

Transforming the Path for Physiotherapists

Kartik highlighted the challenges that physiotherapists face when attempting to enter Canada and how In2Canada is addressing them. He explained that becoming a licensed physiotherapist in Canada requires a step-by-step licensing process that typically takes 18–24 months. However, securing a suitable job in Canada can prove difficult. In2Canada streamlines this process by providing a dedicated case manager for each candidate who guides them through every step of the process. With the case manager’s assistance, candidates can complete the entire process within 6–8 months of enrollment. Moreover, In2Canada offers training and instruction on exams and clinical skills in the candidate’s home country, allowing them to maintain their current job and residence. Additionally, they provide worldwide lectures to help physiotherapists master the relevant techniques and skills required in Canada.

Comprehensive Training Program

In2Canada provides extensive training to physiotherapists, encompassing both the preparation for licensing exams and the development of clinical skills necessary for excelling in the workplace. Additionally, they provide on-site training to further enhance their clinical experience.

The team focuses on online lectures and equips students with comprehensive study materials, including notes, demo/mock exams, and access to peer study groups worldwide, ensuring their success. Additionally, they offer international certificate courses that enable physiotherapists to refine and streamline their skills.

Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators

Kartik highlighted the importance of the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators in the registration process. He mentioned that In2Canada is working with them and that CAPR serves as the governing body for physiotherapists who take the pan-Canadian exams and international credential physiotherapists. In2Canada assists candidates in ensuring a smooth and timely process of paperwork and guides them through the different steps efficiently, saving time, money, and resources. Additionally, In2Canada enables international candidates to pay their fees in a reasonable amount of time and at minimal expense on their behalf to expedite their registration process.

Hassle-free Immigration with Certified Agents

In2Canada facilitates the immigration process and collaborates with certified Canadian government agents to guarantee security and dependability. In addition, they establish connections between their clients and candidates to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition for those looking to change their lifestyle, country, and career, all through a single point of contact.

Revolutionizing Physiotherapist Registration

This organization operates in all Canadian provinces and has successfully placed candidates in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, care homes, and private clinics. They are well-versed in the laws and regulations of each province, which they follow closely to assist candidates in obtaining their licenses, insurance, and job placements. Moreover, they collaborate closely with employers nationwide to ensure that quality healthcare is provided by their candidates. They offer an in-house training program that includes patient retention, clinical software training, and ethical and jurisprudence training tailored to the province where the candidate will be placed. Additionally, they provide post-landing settlement services, including food, accommodation, banking, and connectivity, without any additional costs to help candidates find the ideal place and food.

Revolutionary Program Setting a New Standard

In2Canada stands out as the sole online platform worldwide that provides comprehensive support to foreign physiotherapists in obtaining their licensing and employment opportunities in one convenient location. While some training providers solely focus on exam preparation, In2Canada’s suite of services is exceptional and highly valued by its clients.

Expert Advice for Success

International physiotherapists often make the mistake of not conducting sufficient research, which can lead to misguided decisions. One such decision is to opt for the student permit route, which is not only expensive and time-consuming but also does not add any value to their credentials. The organization invites them for a personal interview or information session where they can gain a better understanding of the concepts and secure a job in their field of expertise in their home country. They guarantee that this approach is quicker, more accessible, and more cost-effective than any other available option.

Secrets of Inventive Leadership

“An admonition that I would like to proffer is to persist resolutely and never capitulate. This may entail traversing a path that is seldom threaded, yet that is precisely why it has been efficacious. When venturing into the coffee industry, aspire to become the Starbucks of coffee, and when marketing phones, strive to become the iPhone. Similarly, if your objective is to engage in commerce, endeavor to become the In2Canada of education on a planet inundated with duplicates. Distinguish yourself and comprehend your true value,” emphasized Kartik.

Rave Reviews and Industry Accolades

Kartik Shah got the Edupreneur of the Year award for 2022

They were nominated for the best innovative business awards for Canada in 2021

They were nominated for the BC Business Excellence awards in 2020, 2021

They also got the Most Eco-friendly educational portal from the WHO and Indian Government for being the only educational service with Zero paper use.