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Kalpavrksha Associates: Peerless Executive Search Firm

Analyzing the existing organizational challenges as well as competitive environment, is the medium through which the organizations today are improving their performance. This practice is called management consulting. To gain external advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise, organizations need the consulting services.
Employees are the backbone to the success of every single organization, though their role is varied from middle to senior position. Finding such talent is the key challenge for today’s organizations. Kalpavrksha Associates, an expert in the difficult to fulfill roles and where there are likely to be a relatively small number of often senior level professionals in the industry, who would be suitable for the job and deliver in a relatively short time frame. Let it be, Middle & Senior Requirements or Critical to Hire Requirements, Kalpavrksha helps create roles which accelerate the client’s success and getting them most suitable, best possible talent on board.
Firm believer of, “We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence, hence, is not an art, but a Habit!!” Kalpavrksha Associates started its operations in 2011, in Singapore and India serving Middle & Sr. Leadership, critical to hire roles. Kalpavrksha specializes in identifying, assessing and hiring the most suitable candidates in leadership levels across IT, Services, Telecom, BFSI, Semiconductor, Infrastructure, Clinical Research, Retail, E-commerce & Analytics domains.
Kalpavrksha is a blend of agility, speed and precision, in addition to subject matter expertise, focused capability and cultural fitment search. In the traditional talent and executive search assignments the process can bog down the pace and the end outcome. A laser like focus on accurate candidate search in a faster and better way, is making Kalpavrksha really successful.
“We deliver what you wish”
Kalpavrksha is an Executive Search Firm engaged in designing systems, structure and providing leadership talent for companies by addressing their middle and senior level needs in India and APAC region. They apply a Systematic Management consulting approach to all assignments ensuring that accurate solution is given to the company and only the qualified potential candidates are presented to their clients within agreed time frames.
Kalpavrksha always strives to source the best candidate pool for every assignment. Working closely with leaders in business and technology at leading MNC’s globally to help them achieve business results in their strategic initiatives, Kalpavrksha exclusively focuses on recruitment needs with the mission of ‘Total Quality Management’ (TQM).
“It Factor” of Kalpavrksha
The “It Factor” of Kalpavrksha is what makes it different than the other consulting firms, proving to be the one and unique solution out there, which consists:
Sites ‘Candidate you never Envisioned Existed’– Focusing on the right search, top talent the clients never dreamt existed Kalpavrksha, innovates new & improved executive search methodologies. By conducting smarter searches, they deliver top notch talent that others miss. Kalpavrksha conducts in depth interviews with qualified candidates of the highest interest to the client, gathering work history details not available on the resume and conducts an analysis and appraisal of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
Knowing ‘Client Intelligence’– Meeting Stakeholders and other key members like CXOs, VP & HR leaders to discuss the key parameters of the role, Kalpavrksha uncovers other important sources of data and then draft and finalize the position description and candidate specification for executive team approval. Within ten days of search, they share the sample profiles, an initial list of prospective candidates with the relevant details. Kalpavrksha invites feedback from the Hiring Manager to gather valuable inputs on the candidates of higher interest to them, which enables them to prioritize outreach to prospects, making the “decision making” more effective.
Providing ‘Search Intelligence Reports’– Kalpavrksha deliver regular Search Intelligence Reports, usually on a monthly basis. The report tracks the progress of searched candidates, sharing relevant intelligence that they have gathered to update the search strategy.
‘Diversity Talent Pools’– “We identify the top notch, diverse talent from relevant companies and build customer’s diversity talent pools to ensure diversity inclusion.”
Kalpavrksha goes extra mile to find the best talent in the market, sending a few candidates, only those who best fit the role searched for, as well as the company culture. The efforts are put in only to optimize the clients’ time by referring only the best.
Jaya Kumar, Audacious Leader of Kalpavrksha
Jaya Kumar, Managing Director of Kalpavrksha, winner of “Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award” by Govt of India for best female entrepreneur in 2004, specializes in executive level relationship management by partnering with senior level executives across verticles & domains. Throughout her career, Jaya has partnered with executive committees and board of directors to ensure her clients identify, acquire and retain top talent.
Jaya has extensive executive search experience assisting a wide range of Indian companies, MNCs & Startups of various sizes to build senior leadership teams, including hiring C-Suite executives in positions such as Chief Executive Officer, President, Executive Director, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President and Vice President.
She has built an impressive track record of serving clients spanning multiple industries and earned a strong reputation for client satisfaction by being involved in every step of the search process, strategically advising clients and candidates along the way.
The best ‘Mydeation’ for the clients
Having clients like, leading global corporations or emerging, innovative companies across a spectrum of verticals, Kalpavrksha always strives to be the best ‘Mydeation’ to the clients.
Jaya Says, “Each of our client is seeking extraordinary, but measurable improvements in performance, customer satisfaction, and the ease of doing business with partners, top line, bottom line, shareholder value, and other categories of performance.”
While adding further Jaya says, “While strategic issues and challenges are on the minds of our clients, they are also leaders who believe in taking action and achieving results. Our clients question the status quo, indicating a sense of urgency given the economic environment. They relentlessly focus on transforming their organization and business functions.”
One of the satisfied clients of Kalpavrksha, Venkatesh Patil- Sr. Vice President – Global Delivery, Professional Access says,
“Our strategic partner to build competency in the niche Oracle Commerce market and leadership positions that help us provide timely solutions ensuring immense value add to our customers.”
Valuable Suggestions to the Startups
Jaya gives valuable suggestions to the new startups- “Hire the right people-particularly, people who complement (not duplicate) your skills, and fit your culture. Keep an eye on the market — If you had a good idea, it is reasonable to assume someone else out there also, thought of it as well. Ignoring the competition is a big mistake. At the same time, Keep an eye on the finances—you will need more money than you think. Stay focused on value, not fluff—ignore the urge to have a “strategy” for every facet of the business up front. Stay laser-focused on providing value to customers. It is important to know what you are particularly good at, and then truly excel at it. Most importantly, Don’t be afraid to be different. Just believe in yourselves—if you are following some recipe that you found in some ‘how-to’ book, you are probably on the wrong path. If you truly believe in what you are doing, and you have done your homework, you stand a much better chance of succeeding.”
Recognized by the “Karnakata Small & Medium Business Owners Association” Business Excellence and Achievement Awards 2015 for Customer Satisfaction in Professional Service Sector, Kalpavrksha is a No. 1 Global Executive Search Firm, in 5 years down the line.