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Kaaspro: Providing Affordable Cloud-Based Solutions

Nowadays the medical world has started acknowledging the benefits of digitized medical documentation systems and is clamoring to adopt the most suitable one for them. Legal mandates and medical compliance requirements are also providing a vital thrust towards the same. Thus, with a vision of harnessing technology to build and synthesize economical, cloud-based IT and ITES products & solutions, and to address the challenges faced in two fields, namely Healthcare and Education, Kaaspro underwent its conception.
The organization started its journey by building 75Health, a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, which ensures that all the critical health information of a patient are available within the application and also enables the medical professional to access any information that they require in order to address a patient’s health needs. 75Health facilitates easy and accurate patient records management and hence, minimizes the consequential errors arising out of document loss, mismanagement, or omission.
An Undisputed Leader 
Kumar Subramaniam, an alumnus of P.S.G. Institute of Technology, India, is the Founder and CEO of Kaaspro. He is also the co-founder of Kumaran Systems, heading the Internet Products and Services division. Drawing from his wide gamut of technical experience as a cofounder of Kumaran Systems, Mr. Kumar was inspired to start Kaaspro by developing 75Health when he handled the cumbersome processes of safely keeping medical records, lab test reports, and prescriptions for his wife who was unwell. At that point, he felt the need to build a better, simpler, and safer way to handle patient related documents, so as to help medical professionals take quick and secure decisions related to a patient’s health.
A Distinctive Organization 
Kaaspro is always evolving and leveraging technology to enhance its products and solutions. Innovation based on clients’ needs is one of the prime motives and the organization believes that this will help it to tackle competition effectively.
The first product 75Health remains a one of its kind in terms of simplicity of use and the sheer magnitude of information being available to a medical professional. 75Health is cloud based, built on robust technologies, and customized to not only suit the needs of the customers but to also go a few steps ahead by providing them with complete access to all the necessary records as well as facilitating interaction with other doctors. Furthermore, 75Health is free, compatible with all mobile devices, does not require any additional hardware, and a user just needs a web browser to access the digital medical records. Kaaspro also strongly believes that blending technology with convenience will always help the organization to stay ahead of its competition.
Tackling Uneven Roads 
Inspired by a need, Kaaspro has always believed that Innovation will be the fuel for its growth. As mentioned earlier, the organization has kick-started its journey with 75Health. Kaaspro has always used every challenge as an opportunity to enrich its product. The following two instances elucidate this point:
During the years in which 75Health was being built and tested, Kaaspro’s clients had requested for additional features which Kaaspro added in order to make 75Health the most comprehensive EMR in the market. For example, one client wanted to have connectivity with their patients even when they travel. They wanted to be accessible when an emergency arises for their clients. Hence the video-conferencing facility was integrated within the app in order to ensure that distances do not come in the way of patient care.
Some of Kaaspro’s doctors felt the need to have a facility to refer a patient to another specialist within the app, instead of having to rely on another medium of communication such as say, emails or phone calls. They felt that this facility would ensure that the other specialists will also have complete access to the patient’s EMR and it would also make the process hassle-free. This led Kaaspro to develop a referral module built within 75Health to facilitate doctors to refer and be referred using only the app, and documenting the process internally, thereby keeping all the doctors and patients in loop.
Beholding New Horizons When it comes to the future, Kaaspro is in the ceaseless process of building a complete EMR package. The organization is also developing an AI product which will provide vital inputs to health care professionals by using a regional and global database. At the same time, the organization is focused on becoming a global leader for EHRs and is looking to take the footprints of 75Health across major geographies.
Currently, it is free and Kaaspro is looking to partnering with like-minded individuals or investors who can help in the expansion of the product’s reach. The company is also in the process of white-labeling this product for its clients. Lastly, apart from EHRs and EMRs, Kaaspro is undergoing the spadework for practice management system, which will soon hit the markets.
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