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K5 Business: A Unique and Expert SAP Solution

The business world is at a stage of technological evolution, and the biggest challenge for SAP customers is that they are not certain which direction to go. Large organizations typically resist change, and are often bogged down with old processes, politics and legacy systems. Companies are realising that keeping up with the times is essential to stay competitive in today’s digital world. The greatest challenge for consulting companies is helping customers make that mind shift and get the required buy-in from top executives.
K5 Business is an SAP consulting firm which focuses on assisting large enterprises to implement, run and expand their SAP systems in an effort to help them run better. It puts a lot of focus on “nurturing the experience” – something that is lacking in many businesses and service providers. K5 Business aims to support the world’s largest organisations and help them to not only enjoy their SAP experience, but to be more competitive in their respective markets because of it.
A Strategy that Builds Loyal Success 
K5 Business’s strategy is to focus on nurturing the experience, not only for customers, but for its staff, partners, and for suppliers as well. K5 leaderships adopt a unique approach in doing business. According to David Bann, Managing Director, “Business is all about people – it’s not just a numbers game, and it’s so important to always remember that. If the people you serve feel appreciated and cared for, then they appreciate and care for you”. As the company grows, the leadership constantly looks at ways to ensure that it focuses on the people around itself, and that business never takes precedence over people. As it strides forward with this people-friendly philosophy, the loyalty towards it is strengthened. The company continues to attract the best talent, retains customers, and customers give great references that win new business.
An Expert Leadership Team 
K5 Business has a unique leadership structure, with three directors all working side-by-side, including David Bann, the Managing Director, Debra Dunford, the Sales Director, and Steve Dunford as a general Director. David started working as a software programmer and focused on helping organizations automate and streamline business processes. He still engages in consulting from time-to-time, however, his main focus is on business strategy and execution plans. Debra and Steve both originate from consulting as SAP Financial consultants. Debra has extensive experience in consulting, project management and program management – with her passion for people and relationships, she has a knack for understanding what her clients need, and how to make them feel cared for. Steve is considered one of the best SAP Financial consultants and continues to assist customers in achieving their financial system goals.
A Humble Beginning and A Bright Future 
David initially started K5 Business purely because there was too much work for him to handle – he needed to get other people involved to keep up with the demand. That quickly evolved into K5 offering all sorts of technical skills around SAP. A few years down the line, after meeting Debra and Steve, David became interested in expanding the business into the functional space, which is what lead them to joining together. David says, “It’s been quite a ride since then, having expanded rapidly. Business growth always sounds very attractive, but it certainly comes with its challenges.” David believes that in business, it can be easy to make enemies quickly, especially when one is finding success. There have been times where the founders could have gotten into some serious disputes around trade-restraints, but their reasoning capabilities with competitors and partners in order to avoid burning bridges or closing doors have kept friendships alive, and that’s something that David is really proud of.
K5 was originally formed in 2006 with a focus on development, process automation and system administration. There were no SAP consulting firms in Kwa-Zulu Natal that had a full end-to-end service offering with regards to technical and functional services around SAP. In 2013, K5 merged with Dunford Services who focused on functional consulting, and the company formed the first consulting house in the region who offered services for all of the core SAP modules including Human Resources, Finance, Sales & Distribution, Material Management, Development, Administration and more.
With the journey of digital transformation, K5 has been investing a lot of time and money in making sure that it is positioned to help customers stay relevant in their respective markets. K5 has aggressive expansion plans, with the intention of up-scaling its support hub which will service customers around the world at highly competitive rates – all this while maintaining excellent communication, work ethic and quality of delivery.
Challenging the Changing Times 
Most people are, if not already, quickly becoming aware of the importance of technology in the future of business. Business is about people, and people are used to consumer grade experiences that are fluid and intuitive. People expect smarter solutions that can predict what they need when they need it. Organisations have to offer this to stay relevant – it’s no longer good enough to keep doing things the way companies used to – they must innovate and undergo a digital transformation. SAP provides a plethora of solutions that enables organisations to navigate this transformation in the best possible way – which is why K5 Business has chosen SAP’s technology to drive its own and unique vision.
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