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K2 Global Communications: Influencing the Influencers

K2 Global Communications uses inbound and digital marketing, social media, and public relations to aggressively target potential customers and investors for its global clients.
K2’s employs an action-oriented, niche-focused philosophy forged over a decade of experience in the nexus of Israel’s high-tech climate. The organization has recognized what works, what doesn’t, and why, allowing it to identify the gaps in a customer’s worldview and meeting their challenges with creativity. The company crafts narratives that relate its clients’ values to reach key decision makers. “You must influence the influencers.”
Rather than following formulaic or traditional PR formats, K2 creates flexible, customized action plans to drive their clients’ market presence and strengthen the bottom line.
The Leaders: Strength through diversity
Amy Kenigsberg and Larry Kenigsberg are the founders of K2 Global Communications. Amy banks on a wealth of experience in journalism, marketing, and PR. She earned an MBA from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Larry’s first career was as a psychotherapist, where he worked primarily in private practice as well as in a variety of agency settings for 20 years “to see human nature in all its forms,” experience he brings to bear when crafting client materials. He graduated from New York University with an MSW.
Collaboration is Key
Drawing on their diverse backgrounds, the K2 team delivers a unique service in Israel, the “Start-up Nation.”
K2 believes that client collaboration is key to all its services. “The more we know about a client’s goals, vertical by vertical, region by region, the better we can tailor their deliverables to match their needs.”
The other side of collaboration involves being totally honest if a client wants something that is a poor use of their resources. “We’ve been doing this a long time, so while someone may be initially surprised by a ‘no, it’d be better to spend your PR bandwidth differently,’ they also realize we won’t waste their time and money.”
The company’s niche-by-niche approach connects its clients directly to influencers to reach their end customers.
As a boutique company, K2 provides all its clients a small, dedicated team, unlike most firms where work is delegated to junior associates. However, despite continued year-over-year growth, K2 fully intends to maintain its small-team, hands-on approach.
Measuring the Challenges
K2 is essentially an American agency based in Israel, providing U.S.-level service.
The founders are American immigrants in Israel who initially faced struggles with the language (fortunately, Israelis tend to be very proud of their high-level English) and customs of conducting business in a different culture. Simultaneously, both the founders were from vastly different professional backgrounds and faced the initial challenge of how to understand each other’s lingo and perspective. Their complementary skills and experiences forged the company.
Today, K2 measures success in several ways. It uses traditional benchmarks such as year-over-year growth, length of client retention, and referral source and volume. K2 also uses myriad metrics to measure its efforts on behalf of its clients.
Future Expansion
K2 Global Communications is continuing to focus on organic growth by adding new services. The company is enjoying robust success after adding inbound marketing to its service roster. It is strengthening its presence aggressively in cybersecurity, IoT, AI, enterprise software, and biotech.
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