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JustCoded: Following Trends and Bringing Additional Value to Customers’ Business

With the major advancements taking place in the eCommerce industry and the increasing use of multiple devices for online shopping and mobile transactions reaching a skyrocket level, the future seems extraordinarily bright for the industry. An overview of the industry suggests that more than half of all eCommerce transactions are already made using multiple devices. The trends are changing every moment, from shopping via multiple devices, smartphone being the primary shopping ground, rise in the sales, high influence of web store sales on retailers, from device-focused to individual-focused marketing, more relevant and non-intrusive ads and instant delivery services are some of the things which the industry is currently witnessing.
To support industry and aid businesses to reach the path of ultimate success, JustCoded enters the market to build websites, web applications and e-commerce platforms. For over a decade, the company has brought additional value to their customers while helping them with the most updated, trendy and extraordinary solutions built with the latest technology revolving around the industry. Since 2014, the company has been building expertise and knowledge in FinTech space by building number of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platforms in the UK and Europe. Currently, JustCoded is considering the ways in which they can use the benefits of blockchain technology to prepare themselves for the upcoming changes in the market.
We believe that technology space is growing now much faster than ever and being an innovative company is the only way to be in business long term.”-asserts JustCoded.
Building Creative Milestones in the ecommerce Websites
JustCoded has built a huge client base over the years ranging from independent businesses to huge corporations including Expedia, FxPro, ADS Securities, Archello and The Office Group among many others. With a team of highly skilled and experienced people, JustCoded is making milestones in the industry and showing new ventures to let people explore new levels of online shopping. They are not inclined to perform a lot of marketing activities, rather they let their customers and other people do that. They say, “The best source of new business is always a word of mouth and referrals-if you keep doing good work the reputation comes eventually.”
All their clients have stated to value the flexibility that JustCoded offers and the main reason behind that is JustCoded’s thought process, working pattern and the style they maintain in each and every work. They are highly concerned about the goals of their customers and are known to do the best they can do to meet the needs of their clients. Some of JustCoded’s clients have stated that JustCoded fulfills their desire even when the clients are unsatisfactory while defining their demands. High level of communication is one of the key things the company focuses on during the development process and that is one such thing which is highly appreciated by their clients. As an example of satisfied clients, the company has spoken about Creative Debuts– recently launched e-commerce platform for the brightest emerging artists and designers.
JustCoded are the perfect developer company to work with, they are well organized, highly professional and delivered on time. Konstantin was always there whenever I needed and could solve any issue or demand I had. Thank you again for coding the new redesign of Mindsparkle Mag.”-asserts Filip Triner, Art Director at Digital Music Amazon DE.
The Super-CEO who is leading JustCoded to the Path of Ultimate Success
Konstantin Boyko, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at JustCoded, is the man behind this leading company. Not just CEO, the team at JustCoded calls him the Super-CEO for providing the company a smooth stairway through the hurdles, to grow from a small team of aspiring entrepreneurs to a successful company where there is stability, reliability, and trust. Academically, he belongs to science background, but his analytical inclination towards academics persuaded him to take-up Mathematics and later Software Development. Along with few other colleagues, Konstantin started to work as an independent team in the year 2007, which eventually turned to be a company leading the industry.
Tackling Challenges, overcoming hurdles and paving way towards success
Like all businesses and especially startups, JustCoded too faced a lot of “ups” and “downs” during their initial days. The company states some of the challenges to overcome ─ building trust, defining areas of responsibilities, implementing robust processes in development team, keeping right balance between business and personal life. It’s no surprise that businesses in its growing phase can easily take up to 100 percent of one’s free time, so setting up priorities at some point is extremely essential.
JustCoded believes that no such point exists where you can stop and call it as the success destination, however, they believe that different people defines success in different ways for themselves. While talking about success, Konstantin said, “As far as I remember myself there is always a long road ahead, so there is no time to think about success.”
Improving Themselves Everyday for making themselves Better
JustCoded considers the world to be highly innovative and rapidly changing. They say that what is perfect today, might be wrong tomorrow, and that is why they are constantly working on to develop themselves. While working with the will to improve their position in the market of building FinTech platforms, JustCoded is making plans to discover new markets and improve their presence in Europe and the US.

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