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Jumpstart:HR: Helping Businesses Run Efficiently

HR Consulting services often play a vital role in determining the success of an organization. They develop and retain a workforce in order to accomplish business goals. So, with a focus on growing small businesses and startups through cutting-edge HR consulting services, enters Jumpstart:HR. Established in 2011, the US based company transforms challenges into opportunities, while providing innovative HR solutions that increases access to the successful implementation of talent management strategies, programs, and processes. The organization works with its clients as a virtual or on-site service provider to streamline HR policies, procedures and challenges to run businesses more efficiently.
Building a Better Business 
Jumpstart:HR has been respected by bringing a fresh combination of HRM knowledge and strategy to the Small Business and Startup marketplace. Most of the HR agencies scare their prospective customers into compliance by only sharing the negative aspects of poorly run HR functions within an organization. They often commoditize HR by sharing a list of transaction services that can be acquired anywhere. That’s where Jumpstart:HR stands out, as it says, “let’s build a better business together” and not “let me save you from the scary compliance monster!” The company invests knowledge, resources, and hustle muscle into customer organizations, so Jumpstart:HR’s ROI is its customer’s ROI.
Due to its holistic approach, the organization has received numerous numbers of testimonials. However, the biggest feedback it has received is just how valuable it is to have strategic HR on a fractional basis. Making this type of leadership accessible for its customers has resulted in their tremendous success and sustainability. With the support of a Strategic HR Partner like Jumpstart:HR, some of their clients have gone on to receive prominent accolades such as being on the Inc. 5000 list and winning Best Place to Work awards – not to mention organizational growth and profitability.
The Passionate Leader 
Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR started his career as a Human Resources Assistant more than a decade ago, and eventually ended up in the boardroom as a CEO of an HR consulting firm. With hands on experience of over ten years as an HR expert in various organizations, he identified the needs to revitalize underperforming businesses through some never seen before innovative consulting strategies and efficient HR administrative outsourcing support.
So, in the midst of recession and an uncertain economy, he founded the company on October 12, 2011, with a mission to help small business owners build capacity, lead happily engaged teams, and weather to storms of economic uncertainty and business climate change. Eventually, with the backing of HR professionals with years of industry experience in helping businesses translate their goals to high ROI through happily engaged staff members, Jumpstart:HR helped many small businesses and startups to rebuild, and his business to grow as well. Since the inception of the company, Joey has earned many recognitions from the industry which includes Baltimore Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 Award for his innovative and creative approach to HR for small businesses, the SHRM’s HR Magazine even featured him in “Top 30 HR Professionals Under 30”. Joey is a serial entrepreneur and loves helping leaders develop, so he hosts a weekly podcast about personal and professional growth for entrepreneurs called the Business, Life, and Coffee podcast. The show is completely determined on enhancing the quality of business and life. Joey engages in conversation relating to personal finance, psychology, professional development and business for emerging professionals and business owners alike.
A Unique Industry                   
According to Jumpstart:HR, the HRM industry is in a very unique place, with quite a lot of upside. Many expert scholars and well-known businessmen over the past few decades emphasize on the importance of intentional HRM Leadership and case studies of successful HRM and not so successful HRM in different areas like talent & recruitment and intergenerational workforce that can be easily found. The message is finally sinking in with the CEOs and Executives that in order to drive profits and productivity, one must inspire and cultivate his people. The organization believes, “good products don’t make a business, good people do”. Every business is the end result of a bunch of people, who work for it and last but not the least HRM is a key environmental architect that makes work productive, safe and rewarding. The organization also believes that rather than replacing senior level HR professionals, the HR Technology will aid them. The technology has made the processes far more efficient and user friendly for employees and how HR professionals can make more intelligent decisions about the people based on HR Tech.
Tackling Uneven Roads 
During the initial days, it was quite challenging for the organization to get customers know about it, and building trust among the clients was also an issue. However, to overcome that, the company adopted a ‘teach first’ approach to sales and marketing. Blogging, social media, and public speaking, all played a role in helping customers see the immense value they can receive while working with Jumpstart:HR. Eventually, these helped prospective clients to see special moments that led them to think of new possibilities in their businesses.
What Future Holds for Jumpstart:HR 
The company will continue to find new and different ways to add value to various small businesses and startup clients across the United States. In the midst of changing laws, changing preferred practices around talent management; and the economic changes, Jumpstart:HR will continue to find its way to respond and prepare its clients to be successful. According to the organization, there are many ways to do that, but soon it will be rolling out a few new initiatives over the months and years to come.

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