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JONCKERS: Linking Businesses With Their Global Audience Through Innovative Technology

The modern-day language industry is diverse and technology-driven, with an increasingly significant impact on both regional and worldwide economies. The size of the overall global language industry in 2016 was estimated at around US$40 Billion and is projected to grow to $45 billion by 2020.
The purpose of localization is simple but highly effective. It is the process of modifying a product to adapt to the needs and preferences of users in a particular region. Businesses may utilize localization services when expanding their products and/or services into new locations. Over the past decade it has become a common strategy employed by multinational companies to help widen their reach and increase international visibility.
Leading language companies offer a ‘full-service’ to assist companies in communicating their message on a worldwide stage. Services include; translation (both human and machine), localization and localization engineering, desktop publishing, web development and consulting among other services. These offerings are supported by advanced language technology and software platforms and driven by a thriving R&D sector which helps to fuel progress and innovation in the industry.
JONCKERS is a pioneer in both translation services and localization technologies. It has embraced the opportunities presented by the technology revolution by investing strategically in its patented WordsOnline cloud platform, Neural MT (machine translation) engine and Narrative Generation.
By combining the creativity and skills of humans with the productivity and efficiency of artificial intelligence, JONCKERS helps its clients to manage their global communication and market expansion in any word, anytime, any place.
Providing World-Class Processes for Translation
In the 1990’s, most startups were working hard to keep pace with the explosion of technological advancements. JONCKERS, however, bucked the trend. It was able to offer unparalleled localization services to international brands to mould their image as global leaders in their field since its inception in1994.
Founded in Brussels, Belgium by Marc Jonckers, who is now Chief Strategy Officer, the company has grown from strength to strength and currently has 9 global offices translating all manner of content, across all types of media in over 150 different languages.
JONCKERS has become a market innovator in the translation and localization industry over the past two decades by setting the highest standards of linguistic, cultural, and technical translation and adaptation for localization.
The journey has not been without its struggles, but the team at JONCKERS has managed to convert each obstacle into a springboard for learning and innovation. Navigating high client expectations and demands, the company has amassed over 20 years of experience providing a personal and quality service to its partners.
In the ‘90s, when print was already proclaimed as being dead, the team at JONCKERS used to travel to see every single client, meeting them and presenting each proposal personally. Today, they continue to provide the same one to one service coupled with online presence to supply some of the industry’s most innovative and advanced software solutions. This is a testament to how far they have come and evolved as a business.
The Man Behind The Evolution, Geo Janssens, Chief Executive Officer at JONCKERS, is responsible for the executive management of the company and handles day-today business decisions. He drives the relationship between JONCKERS and their clients through a consultative approach, competitive pricing and high-quality services. He has extensive experience in globalization, technical translation, and content management.
Geo came to the company as an engineer, when engineering was quite rare! 15 years ago. His tenure has helped shape JONCKERS into the internationally admired and respected company that it is.
He is very passionate about the industry and is extremely hands-on in the development process of each software solution. His decision to drive the company forward by utilizing and expanding tech resources has resulted in a multipurpose business model which has evolved significantly in his time in charge.
WordsOnline: An Intelligent Localization Platform
Technology has made it possible to instantly analyze vast amounts of data rather than having to manually toil through page after page of information. The latest state of- art addition to JONCKERS’s comprehensive suite of software is their WordsOnline platform. WordsOnline enables the client to submit, track and manage their requests to ensure the best results. To facilitate the increasing customer demands for agile localization and continuous delivery, WordsOnline offers the following unique features:

  • Process Automation for analyzing and pre/post files
  • Online quote creation and management
  • Automatic project task generation from customizable workflow
  • Smart sourcing for fast resource booking
  • Resource marketplace for client to select with resources
  • Claimed based translator workbench for continuous translation
  • Dashboard for providing 360° Business Insight
  • Connected to Jonckers’ Neural MT engine
  • Build in performance rating and feedback appraisal
  • Online collaboration via in-context communication
  • Web API available for system integration

Such translation tools, like WordsOnline, have made up for what the human mind often finds itself lacking – reliability, speed, consistency.
JONCKERS’ Adaptive and Exemplary Services
JONCKERS’ services cover everything a client may require to reach a wider international audience. The company’s experienced staff, aided by innovative technology continues to diversify their offerings, whether the requirement is for word-for-word translation, multimedia localization or in providing personnel like accredited translators and transcreative consultants.
JONCKERS promises a full range of experts and tools which can be customized to your specifications to support your business in accelerating its presence on a worldwide stage. The entire range of JONCKERS’s software solutions is developed and managed by their large and experienced in-house technology team with a common goal in mind: to make their services the most efficient and effective in the market.
To accompany the WordsOnline system, JONCKERS operates a fully customizable and business-driven platform in JONCKERS Dashboard. This is a web application that translates critical customer business information into intuitive pivot charts and KPIs. JONCKERS Dashboard enables customers to have 360° business insight on the status of their projects and accounts. It also serves as a reference for future business decisions.
JONCKERS Voice portal is a library of experienced and talented voiceover samples from the company’s vast catalogue of voiceover artists, enabling clients to monitor their projects at every stage of the process.
JONCKERS Marketplace is also an integral part of WordsOnline Translation Platform. It gives the customers the visibility of who is working on their projects and how they perform.
Always a Step Ahead in Innovating with Evolving Technology
Decades of well-funded machine learning and artificial intelligence R&D is starting to make its mark on the world of machine translation. With technology becoming ever more relevant and dependable, JONCKERS has invested heavily in the production of its own Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine.
Built on deep and complex learning methods, JONCKERS’s NMT system is taught to solve problems based on patterns in a data set, rather than written to a rigid set of instructions.
This rapidly evolving, innovative technology enables machines to learn and translate through an artificial neural network. Neural MT translates whole sentences at a time, rather than word by word. This allows the engine to use broader context to select the most relevant translation, which it then rearranges to correct the grammar.
Consequently, NMT provides an output that is easier to read because each sentence is more readily understandable.
A collection of their clients have already rated the NMT engine as ‘The best (they) have ever used’ producing ‘fantastic results.’
When confronted with a challenge to provide a more cost-effective way to deliver high volume customer support documentation for a telecommunication giant, JONCKERS succeeded by applying Machine Translation. By applying Machine Translation with human post-editing, JONCKERS delivered a faster, high quality output at a fraction of the price offered by a leading competitor.
Driven by Strategies, Thriven by Culture 
The team at JONCKERS is motivated by the urge to continue to develop and progress. From the CEO to junior team members, everyone in the company has a real passion for their role and the industry. It is this remarkable attitude that allows JONCKERS to continue to evolve and thrive in a competitive field.
The culture at JONCKERS is a huge factor in their success story. Although JONCKERS is a global company, each of their Executive Management Teams are in constant communication with the others, and they respect and understand each other’s roles and importance.
There is no disconnect between the team at the top and the rest of JONCKERS employees; everyone has the same goal, to continually improve and progress the fortunes of the company and the industry.
Values that Customers Repurchase
A long-held belief among business owners is that excellent customer satisfaction is worth pursuing. JONCKERS has become the first choice for clients based on three factors; Speed, Personal Service and Flexibility.
SPEED: We have developed lean and efficient processes and technology to help us achieve faster completion times and better delivery.
Personal Service: Our attitude and personality is key in building and maintaining strong relationships to drive business.
Flexibility: Our flexible and adaptive working methods allow us to deliver quality work every-time.
Envisioning Further Development
With faster processors and new blood coming into the industry, JONCKERS envisions ongoing regeneration to push the boundaries of localization software.
At JONCKERS, the team will continue to develop and enhance their software services. Their online platforms are becoming increasingly efficient and their aim is to further improve the turnaround times and the user experience of their systems.

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