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Jim Kaskade | CEO | Janrain

Janrain: Pioneering Digital Identity Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Founded in 2002, Janrain pioneered Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and is widely recognized by industry analysts as a global CIAM leader. Janrain is the first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical CIAM, and the largest brands in the world trust Janrain to manage their most valuable assets: customer identities.
The company’s identity capabilities include social and traditional login and registration, which includes single sign-on (SSO), customer profile data storage, and management, customer segments, customer insights and engagement solutions. Janrain reaches over 1.5 billion digital identities with over 3,400 commercial deployments, including Pfizer, Merck, Samsung, Whole Foods, Philips, McDonald’s and Dr Pepper.
The Leader’s Perspective
Jim Kaskade is the CEO of Janrain and leads the company’s strategy, worldwide operations and vision. He has helped enable the digital transformation of the healthcare industry to improve patient experience and data security.
Jim is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 31 years’ experience in complex enterprise technology. For 10 years, he worked as a startup CEO, leading companies from founding to acquisition. Jim has built multiple technology businesses in cloud computing, enterprise software, software as a service (SaaS), online and mobile digital media, online and mobile advertising, and semiconductors.
Distinctive Services
Janrain Identity Cloud® is a CIAM solution that balances security, privacy, and compliance while providing the seamless, frictionless experience healthcare providers, patients and partners’ demand. It is also the first choice in leading healthcare, biopharma and life sciences organizations. The platform enables the secure exchange of verified, third-party credential information and authorized access, to restricted information and assets. It also makes it easy for organizations to manage patients’ information and health care provider identities in compliance with regulatory requirements.
With Janrain Identity Cloud, your organization and your users will benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the right people have access to the right content – all in a secure, friction-free, patient-focused environment. In addition, healthcare companies can leverage omnichannel access and robust data collection to create more engaging customer journeys that ensure these individuals remain satisfied and continue to build relationships with the company.
Digital Transformation of Healthcare
Pharmaceutical companies are working hard to keep pace with the disruptions brought about by digital technology and a shifting health care landscape. To overcome these challenges, companies must develop digital identity strategies for creating seamless, safe and compliant customer journeys.
In 2010, Janrain began investing in the pharmaceutical category and now serves a majority of the top pharma companies globally, including Pfizer and Merck. Janrain is the only identity management provider to be HIPAA/HITECH certified. Its technology allows healthcare professionals and life science firms to gain actionable customer insights in a secure manner and streamline their customer interactions for improved patient experience.
Industry Involvement
Janrain is a member of Align Biopharma™, an industry technology standards group that includes 23 leading pharmaceutical companies and technology and service providers dedicated to making it faster and easier for healthcare professionals to connect with the life sciences industry. Align Biopharma has defined an identification and authentication standard that enables single sign-on for HCPs to access online content—including websites, portals, virtual events or webinars—directly from the life sciences companies. It is also defining the standards for consent and preference management so that there is consistency in how HCPs specify communication preferences with each company— an essential component for companies that do business in the EU and must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
When Janrain announced its joining with Align Biopharma, Jim, expressed, “Our excitement around Align Biopharma is first rooted in our passion to innovate in digital identity, but then also in our passion to collaborate and share those innovations with the identity industry. Janrain’s commitment to open standards began when we helped form the OpenID foundation. We’re very eager to contribute our pharma learning’s from over the past seven years and to help advance not only the HCP’s experiences but patients’ experiences and our client organizations’ experiences.”
Aiming towards Future Goals
Janrain envisions a future where patients and healthcare providers will move seamlessly and safely between their in-person visits, web and mobile properties and connected digital healthcare devices. The process combines security, privacy, marketing, data infrastructure, and application technologies to create simple and safe experiences that improve healthcare outcomes.
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