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Jaimine Johnson | Director of Operations | Leasing and Sales | DRK and Company Realty

Jaimine Johnson: Finessing Impact by Leveraging Exceptional Strategies

A venture initiates by creating a strategy and stays prosperous with the help of a constant provision of clever approaches that complement reformations in the business in relation to various dynamics. Any well-executed proposition act as the incentive that increases the impact delivered by the business as well as the lifetime of the business. And the business of Real Estate is no stranger to the aspect of coveting constant astute strategies.

Jaimine Johnson, Director of Operations, Leasing, and Sales at DRK and Company Realty, understands this aspect of Real Estate and brings a wealth of experience to her company. As Director of Commercial Operations, Leasing, and Sales for DRK, Jaimine Johnson develops and implements long-term strategies for the commercial asset division in the investment management of office, industrial/flex, medical, and retail properties.

She has overseen transactions involving the asset management, sales, leasing, and marketing of commercial properties while executing initiatives to promote and support company growth, global planning, new business start-ups, and company branding.  She also garnered several awards for her work in the real estate industry.

In an interview with Insights Success, Jaimine shares her experience in the industry of Real Estate.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Briefly describe your professional journey up until now.

I grew up around my family, who had a farm, hotel, and development. I was the girl that got up with my family and worked. Understanding how business, development, and land worked. I then decided to do what I know. I fell in love with flipping.

Which then led me to leasing, then to management quickly. I struggled with which sector I wanted to focus on. I tried them all. Worked my way to my home here at DRK-, which allowed me; to focus on all sectors, office, retail, flex, and Industrial space. I was able to guide and teach others.

What challenges did you face along the way?

Like many, I grew up in a divorced family. Both parents worked hard to provide a living. My grandparents stepped in to assure I had a great understanding of real life. Initially, finding a company that understood I had a passion for all areas of real estate, not just one—finding the company that allowed my entrepreneurial spirit to come to life.

What significant impact have you brought to the Real Estate industry?

In asking my peers, they state leadership- direction. I have assured we have maintained an occupancy in real estate of 98%. Assured we kept a distinct focus on expense. At the same time, attempting to take care of my staff and clients. I have always believed in long-term relationships, not short-term memories. Building from the base and holding strong. Making the hard decisions in order to push things forward.

Tell us about DRK and Company Realty and its foundation pillar

Donald R. Kenney & Company Realty is a full-service commercial real estate company in Columbus, Ohio. Our company has 50 years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, ranging from land acquisition and development to property management, maintenance, and the sale and leasing of all types of commercial property in the central Ohio area.

We have a proven record of accomplishment in helping our clients reduce the costs and risks associated with their real estate. Our agents and managers collaborate with our clients and invest the time and resources to learn about their businesses and fully understand their specific goals and needs.

It is this attention to detail and dedication to service that has created a reputation and results that put us in the top ten commercial real estate companies in Columbus and throughout central Ohio.

Donald R. Kenney & Company Realty currently has more than $100 million worth of commercial real estate available for sale or lease. This commercial real estate consists of multi-family apartment units, professional and medical office buildings, warehouse distribution facilities, retail centers, and vacant land. As one of the area’s largest full-service commercial brokerage firms, DRK & Company Realty offers the experience and market knowledge that owners and sellers have come to respect.

We also operate and manage a commercial property portfolio of both owned and managed properties. Currently, we have over 4,000,000 sq ft. under management in the central Ohio area for more than 15 owners, 500 tenants, and 6 commercial property associations. Our property management services also include maintenance services provided by our in-house technicians, as well as construction management.

What are the values that drive you as well as DRK and Company Realty?

Grind, Hustle, Execution. We are here to serve others. Assure that the businesses that have collaborated with us are a success. We pride ourselves on providing the location to assure they have the foundation to be strong in their business sector.

What will be the next significant change in the Real Estate industry, and how are you preparing for it?

A significant change, no one is ever ready for prediction. However, I believe the landscape of change in agile workplaces, outdoor amenities, and demand for the experience. The current floorplans in real estate. Companies continue to look at remote working and building experience. We will continue to invest in our real estate buildings to offer an A to Z for our businesses.

The market will eventually adhere to significant inflation as well. Capital markets are where savings and investments are channeled between suppliers and those in need. We are beginning to see the onset of the capital market sector. We will continue to work toward helping leaders navigate these winds of time.

What are the roadblocks that you face in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

I believe that the largest impact on real estate will be created by rising interest rates soon. There is no way that banks can continue to lend at a reduced interest. At some point, reality will take over, and we’ll go back to more historic interest rates. As soon as that happens, buyers will have a harder time securing financing.

This then instills the roadblock of FEAR, many leaders we speak with are somewhat fearful of this financial market. When fear enters the minds of entrepreneurs, it can get a little dicey. They go into a mode of analysis paralysis, which can highly influence the real estate market. We should have learned to be business coaches as well as realtors.

What are your goals for the upcoming future?

We will continue to educate, listen, and bring new items to the market to enable fluency in upcoming challenges. This will allow growth in our sector.

What advice would you like to give the next generation of aspiring business leaders?

My advice is to continue to search for your idea of your future. Continue to communicate in person, listen, always be willing to learn, and be coached daily. Hard work is the way to success; it will never be for those unwilling to dig deep.