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Jacobs: Big Data Promises Big Solutions

The data universe continues to grow by trillions of Tgigabytes every year, and Big Data trends continue to evolve and change. Data Scientists and Chief Data Officers play bigger roles than ever in today’s Big Data Solution Industry, and they are helping shape new initiatives involving deep learning algorithms and quantum computing. There is also a focus on transitioning analog or “dark data” into a digitized form where it can be leveraged for analytics.
The Jacobs value proposition is the depth and breadth of domain expertise, which is imperative for understanding the huge amounts of data that have to be transformed and analyzed in order for it to become an information and ultimately knowledge.
Jacobs is a global leader in the technical professional services sector with the industry’s foremost experts in critical areas like energy and the environment; water; transportation; aerospace and defense; oil and gas; smart technologies; and cybersecurity. Jacobs delivers solutions for a more connected, sustainable world by offering a portfolio of product agnostic data analytics cloud-based solutions designed to help our customers filter through large volumes of vital mission and business data and quickly identify, collaborate, and act on alerts, thresholds, and threat vectors.
Leading the Jacobs Change
Steve J. Demetriou is President and Chief Executive Officer of Jacobs. Mr. Demetriou has over 30 years of global business leadership experience to Jacobs, including 14 years in the role of Chief Executive Officer. Over the course of his career, he has gained broad experience with companies in a range of industries including Metals, Specialty Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Fertilizers. His career highlights include 16 years at ExxonMobil, where he held roles of increasing responsibility in the U.S. and Europe in operations, commercial, financial and general management.
Innovation is About Change
Jacobs stays current and competent in emerging technologies, including those related to big data and analytics, via continual training, technical conferences, web media (blogs, podcasts, forums), print media, and social media. Jacobs also has a robust knowledge sharing network across their large global company for exchanging and infusing innovations, best practices, and lessons learned.
This includes their integrated Jacobs Connected Enterprise multi-lab environment, which provides a collaborative environment to develop, test, prototype, pilot, and deploy a wide range of new technologies and capabilities. Jacobs offers unique solutions through its comprehensive agnostic portfolio of data analytics tools, sensors, dashboards, and protocols combined with their domain expertise that are tailored to meet their customers’ data needs and requirements. Data Safety Plans
“We use the strength of powerful data analytics tools such as SAS to do initial data exploration and “clustering” to quickly remove anomalies programmatically, we have the functional expertise to understand the data and optimize the use of the exploration tools,” asserts Steve.
Jacobs has a depth of knowledge and expertise in understanding and addressing root causes of data integrity issues, such as disparate system architectures, lack of business rule understanding, data redundancy, incomplete data, inconsistent data, untimely data, complex interdependencies, lack of data controls, and irrelevant data. Data safety plans are ordered for each customer and tested prior to solution delivery. Each plan includes: the elements of data and events captured under the plan; roles and responsibilities for collecting, transforming, monitoring, and analyzing data; frequency of collecting and analyzing data; time frame for reporting issues, events, deviations, and alerts; rules for when actions are required; procedures and times frames for communicating outcomes; and plans to assure validity and integrity of data.
The Jacobs Advantage
The opportunities are boundless and endless, wherever there are assets and data-driven decisions to be made about those assets. One objective of Jacobs is to continue to progress in data analytics maturity by using analytics tools to understand the context and meaning of data. This allows the company to offer their clients embedded and themed capabilities integrated into their primary applications as well as optimize their decision making and provide analytical insight to maximize business value.
Data Provides a Competitive Advantage
Jacobs believes that because of the amount of “Big Data” available and ever growing, how we use and act on that data needs to evolve. Data socialization, or using data based on what users want and when is an increasing trend. Additionally, edge analytics allows organizations to analyze data closer to where it’s actually occurring and allows for making decisions before data is sent off to be stored. “Edge Analytics is becoming a substitute for centralized data analysis and enables the processing and analysis of data at any location or point where data is generated. Our Data Analytics Lab, where we are testing edge analytics, and other integrated Centers of Excellence labs allow us to successfully roll out a culture of data-driven experimentation and innovation within our modern enterprise,” asserts Steve
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