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IWN™: A WiFi Wireless Carrier for the Global Rural Communities

Nowadays, tech companies are moving at a fast pace and improving the agile strategies in order to transform the market with their own enterprise solutions and products. One of the company which wants to lead on its own field is Intelligent Wireless Networks (IWN™), a rural Internetification Company of the 21st century. It builds the infrastructure and required network components from single lines of service to a full community WiFi network for rural towns, villages or any community globally.
Since 2013, it has been involved in rural economic development with IBM, California State agencies, US Government agencies, local and regional broadband consortiums and many more entities. In order to truly provide the services of quality high speed internet to the under or UN served areas of the world, the expertise in wireless communications has created their own Wireless Internet Service Provider model and which became a key to their service.
IWN™ uses state of the art wireless networking, combined with decades of cellular network engineering, design and building to offer the world first hybrid wireless network carrier company. It can bring high speed internet to any part of the globe. Intelligent Wireless Networks today can even equip mars with internet. Steven Davis, CEO and Founder quoted, “ Even we have the confidence to set up and provide network on mars too”.
The company’s newest offering to the rural communities is the world’s first Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) style Wi-Fi business model. Its in-house patent pending opportunity offers the ability to purchase simple internet service, free internet and make a little money and a proven business model to financial freedom.
The Industrial Experts
IWN™ was jointly founded by Steven Davis and Gina Davis. Steven is the CEO and Founder of IWN™, who implemented a unique skill set of communications in developing the unreserved communities. His expansive range of knowledge from the wireless communication world, traditional wireline to network construction has made him to make use of everyday life and work upon it. Each time, he has positioned himself to be a part of the evolutionary changes in applied technologies within telecommunications and to provide superior expertise to the enterprise levels, professional sports and entertainment.
Presently, Steven is focusing to change the game by placing the communications power of access in the hands of the 21st century communities to make this world a better place to live.
IWN’s Wi-Fi Wireless Carrier Model
IWN™ is a true Wi-Fi wireless carrier model. Everything it does is taken from the model adopted by the way like all the cellular providers operate. It serves the people with their time learning techniques and unique approach.
It is the only rural carrier company that addresses network in fields on farms where the food is grown and has pulled together to become the best in the world on their own field to provide seamless opportunities to the rural customers of the forgotten region.
Most of their customers have never seen what anything more than a DSL line or a satellite service will offer. Once the customers trust the speeds and reliability, then they can purchase new devices for home and office. Alexa, Netflix, and Pandora radio are some entertainment upgrades on cameras, remote sensors, pump and valve controls weather stations in the field, water valves and much more on the farm.
Nowadays, it is offering Linden, CA and moving to the global stage in Canada and Africa. Further, this incredible opportunity has already born with the MLM P.O.D. owner, Agtech- Mafia Space Between World. IWN™ emphasis is on providing a superior product line in wireless networking and design and to build a network with folks in their own communities.
Future Roadmap
Since, IWN™ is part of a SEC approved fund that will be going to IPO (Initial public offering) soon. It is planning to expand its boundaries into new counties and become the world’s largest community based and partially owned internet provider. It is having letter of intent with several counties and municipalities in order to get more unserved regions which are certainly a part of their mission.
In August 2018, Newswatch on AMC will be launching their new IWN™ infomercial. The company is very excited to share their culture and opportunity to the world – A new way of Playing business and living life each moment.
When asked about the future , Gina Davis, the President and Co-founder commented, “We want to turn the power of business and innovation back around into the creator’s hands and have the investment community pay to get involved by using our state of the art and lowest cost organically structured campus. With this we plan to uncover new power options for our sites and customers as well as other things to use and sell in your IWN™/Space Between business.”
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