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ITStaff®: Streamlining Organizational Recruitment

From small enterprises to gigantic global IT companies, every organization is plagued by the same question: “How do we find and attract the top talent we need to meet our business goals?”
Organizations want an answer to that hard-hitting question which will connect them with committed individuals with the ability to streamline their operations. The war for talent is very much alive and becoming more acute with the emergence of new business drivers like Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).
One company that fully understands these challenges, and has dedicated itself to bridging the gap between organizational HR needs and effective recruitment is ITStaff®.
ITStaff® offers Executive and Professional search services, and contract staffing services in Information Technology and Engineering. The company has clients in a wide spectrum of industries, including healthcare, technology, retail, insurance and finance.
Providing Professionals Who Perform 
Since its inception in 2009, ITStaff® has helped streamline the operations of numerous organizations by bringing together its clients and skillful professionals from around the world. The company is committed to pairing the individual best suited to perform a role with each opening its clients offer.
ITStaff® is known for the high quality of its services. Its focuses on outstanding performance that builds solid client relationships and a stellar brand image.
Countless Project Managers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts, Electrical Engineers, PCB Design Engineers, Firmware and Embedded Engineers, Business and Systems Analysts, Architects, Modelers, Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers, and many passionate leaders and managers have made invaluable contributions to the organizations at which ITStaff® placed them.
Matching an individual to a position requires an understanding of the nuances of that position. The recruiters at ITStaff® develop significant insights into industrial trends and only work on a handful of requisitions at any given time.
They reveal, “We don’t cut corners just to meet VMS metrics on speed to submit and other metrics that would put our vetting process at risk.” 
By holding true to its process, ITStaff® has been rewarded with the respect of every client with whom they have worked.
Empowering Associates 
The company has impressed clients across multiple verticals.
One of its clients from the technology sector had multiple websites across several countries, each operating in its own language and according to regional requirements, and with various platforms to support. This client needed to integrate all of these websites into a common portal while maintaining the different regional and national aspects of the various websites.
ITStaff® also worked with the company’s CIO over ECommerce and his managers by providing a team of Java developers and Scrum Masters to pull off the project. This was a high-visibility project and it was a multi-year undertaking.
Both clients cited ITStaff’s involvement on the project as a key contributing factor to the success off their respective projects. ITStaff® understands managers have busy schedules and realizes they cannot afford to have their time wasted by unqualified candidates. Thus, it works directly with them to most productively utilize their time to achieve business objectives.
Services with a Guarantee 
ITStaff® offers a two-month money-back guarantee for its Contact Staffing Solutions. It proudly reveals that not a single client has ever come back with a complaint.
It takes time to look at every professional’s overall background and experience, and the technologies in which they have experience. The company gladly makes this investment of time into the process, and the resulting knowledge and interest is further converted into opportunities for the future.
ITStaff® asserts, “We would rather be known as the best company to do business with rather than the biggest company to do business with.” 
An Honest Leader Leading from the Front 
Mark Norris, Founder and CEO of ITStaff® has worked in the staffing industry for the better part his career.
Mark’s heavy investments in essential areas has allowed the company to maintain its credibility in the marketplace. His honest and resourceful insights have empowered small, family-owned and -operated businesses and large, global outsourcing giants.
Mark has made ITStaff® an industry dominator by providing outstanding tools and marketing efforts to help the company’s sales and recruiting staff to succeed. He asserts, “We don’t over-sell and we do our best to overdeliver and to always, always operate with integrity.”
 In Cashing the Opportunities Spurred by IoT and Cloud Based Platforms 
Every other organization is looking to adapt futuristic technologies like Cloud and IoT to become more competitive in its field. This has increased the demand for Data Scientists, Data Architects and Database Administrators with cloud-based administrative experience.
In addition to this, as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, the need for Firmware and Embedded Engineers and individuals with circuit design experience has also increased. ITStaff® has anticipated this opportunity and created partnerships with various organizations with the need for skilled IT professionals.
ITStaff® will continue leveraging such opportunities and help numerous organizations around the world with its qualitative and credible Executive and Professional Search Services, and Contract Staffing Services.

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