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ISU Corp: World Class Software Development Services

ISU Corp is a world class software development company founded in May 2005. They develop custom software applications that provide automated business processes for their clients.
They specialize in laboratory management information systems, insurance systems, financial applications, and accounting ERP development. They also build marketing applications for market business analysis, and they work directly with companies to create new breakthrough applications. For instance, they have recently built an advanced search engine for Ph.D. researchers. It scans all research papers across multiple Universities and provides the most relevant data to the researchers.
Founder of ISU Corp
David Mansilla, Founder & CEO of ISU Corp is a serial entrepreneur, who has founded several software related companies in his career. He has been in the business for many years. It is his passion to build companies that deliver exceptional value and an excellent return on investment for his clients. He thrives on providing breakthrough innovations and turning his ideas from concept to reality. He strives to make the world a better place through progress and innovation in software development.
Endless Opportunities
Working in the software industry, David is confident that the opportunities for himself and his company are endless.  He has created a corporation that leads the market with their unique business model and excellent client-business relationship. This has set them apart from other software development firms, making them a top choice. ISU Corp leads by example by being a corporation that handles themselves with integrity and transparency.  The key to their successful client-business relationship has been doing business with the right people. David says, “Clients have to share our values in order for us to have a successful relationship. It’s all about being on the same page as our clients”. This means making sure that his clients have a good company culture that will enable both parties to share a long relationship and a bright future together. Employees enjoy the work because of the mutual respect and good standing relationship with each client.
ISU Corp see’s their clients as partners and this is the key to retaining their business and providing them with the best service possible. Most of ISU Corp’s clients have stayed with them for an average of 3-4 years. They truly believe that when they help a client succeed, ISU Corp succeeds as well.
Staying ahead of the Competition
Part of David’s success is in making sure that his team members are happy and they have the highest engagement possible. This is accomplished by giving them autonomy, respect, and the tools they need in order to do the best job possible.  David adds, “We make sure that our employees get the best customers, the customers that will understand, the customers that are respectful, honest and have dignity, because of the quality of our clients, our employees are happy.”
Being service oriented has enabled ISU Corp to stay ahead of the competition. By providing excellent service to their team members, vendors and especially their customers, a great balance is generated where employees put out their best work and the clients are happy.
Technological Advancements
ISU Corp has an exceptional job process, which is customized to enhance the delivery process by 25-30%, meaning clients get their products faster. They have a management system which provides all the management reports that are required for the projects to stay on track. This enables each project to be delivered on time with the highest quality work.
They also provide their own in house social media platform so that clients have all the information they need in one place. This platform is a great added value that allows clients to have direct contact with the ISU Corp team members. Providing clients with top notch customer support and keeping them up to date with project progress. It is also a great place to upload and share documents, which makes tracking down important documents easier for both parties.
David’s Expectations for his Employees
In line with working to make ISU Corp a great place for his employees David says, “I don’t expect anything, everything they are supposed to do, they’ll do.”
David wants his employees to be the example of what the company represents. He requires his team to be loyal, have passion for their jobs, have compassion for others and help fellow team members that are struggling in order to better the company as a whole. David prides himself in having a team that respects diversity and is accepting of each other as individuals. He encourages everyone in the company to keep learning and improving themselves through education and experience. ISU Corp team members go the extra mile for each other and for their clients.
“Our work is very difficult and complicated. Software development is one of the toughest industries in the market. However, we always find a way to make it fun. We are getting better together, that is why we believe that we have to shape iron with iron, we are always trying to help each other, to grow our business and delight our clients,” – David Mansilla.

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