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ISU Corp: Transcendent Software Development Services

Two time North American Award winner ISU Corp, specializes in professional software development and consulting. With the three main strategies of utmost importance – team, culture and methodology – ISU Corp is writing software applications for various corporations and make sure to see their projects through from beginning to end.
With a comprehensive team of IT professionals that bring to the company many years of experience in a wide variety of technologies, ISU Corp is providing its services to a range of businesses, partnered with organizations in retail, insurance, finance, laboratory management information systems, the education industry and the social media industry.
Having team members in 8 different countries around the world enables ISU Corp to expand their technical and business expertise not only in a localized market, but in a wide spread geographical location. Their key strategy is the optimized software development lifecycle process that they have implemented to stay ahead of the competition.
High End Software Development Studio
ISU Corp is a high end Software Development Studio with the focus on web, social and mobile technologies. ISU Corp has extensive experience developing LIMS, financial applications for the insurance industry, retail applications for market analysis and business intelligence and social enabled applications for start-up companies such as Hublinked.
Its Unified PMO solution maximizes resources, saves time and money. IS Unified is a powerful solution for all activities in a project management environment. IS Unified focuses on bringing transparency, agility, visibility and efficiency to every stakeholder during the project lifecycle. This amazing product combines a potent agile management style with the most efficient time tracking and effort estimation system on the market.
David Mansilla, Veteran Software Developer
David Mansilla, founder of ISU Corp, started his career as a Software Developer in 1995. A Part-Time Business followed in 1996, creating Software applications for the retail industry. David acquired many years of experience working in the corporate world, going from Senior Developer, Systems Architect, all the way up to the Senior Development Leader.
In 2005, David decided to dedicate 100% of his time in the software consulting industry, founding ISU Corp in May that year. Since then, he has been able to acquire a wide variety of clients from software start-up companies such as M.O.S.T. to Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric Energy.
David has great experience in acquiring rock stars in the development field and keeping his team highly motivated. This is one of the secrets of his explosive success.
Emphasis on the value of transparency and integrity
David Mansilla had at least 17 years of corporate software development leadership experience before he started ISU Corp. He was able to see how teams interacted, grew together and to see all the mistakes that teams make while at the same time spotting the right qualities for success each person brings to a team. This helped him enhance those qualities in order to create an excellent culture around the area of software development and the software development lifecycle.
ISU Corp, following a culture that fosters the right delivery and project management, has been able to delight their clients with the services provided to them. The number one value that ISU Corp has utilized since the beginning is the value of transparency and integrity. ISU Corp is going in a very steady trajectory to create more success and sustained growth in a very systematic, strategic and controlled way.